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  1. I was going to start my journey in limited using a STI DVC limited and had one ordered. I started watching Adams Vidoes and called and canceled the Sti order and bought an Atlas. Adam answered all my questions before and during the build and even changed trigger and base pad colors a few weeks before it was suppose to ship without hesitation. Customer service is second to none. I’ve have since switched focus and only shoot production but the Atlas Titan is amazing. Fit and finish is flawless. The trigger is sub 2lbs with what feels like a non existent reset and overtravel. The PT evo grip makes the gun feel like it’s super glued to your hand. And I’ve only shot it in one match and a few practice sessions but in 1250 rounds I’ve had zero issues. Although it sits in the safe now I can’t say enough good things about Atlas.
  2. Well I mean if the feed lips dimensions is the only difference between the the two mags I’m thinking they should work then. Maybe I’ll give SVI and or Atlas Gunworks a call and see what they say but I’m thinking it’s worth a shot.
  3. I have 5 new SVI 140mm mag tubes for my .40 limited gun and was wondering if I was able to use them for 9mm. They weren’t cheap so instead of buying all new mags for my 9mm 2011 I was curious if a new follower and tuning the feed lips would work?
  4. Yeah I heard about that. Definitely an unlucky moment for the shooter. Any idea of what could cause a round that’s ejected to go off like that? I’ve heard of rounds cooking off sitting in a hot barrel, but I don’t think even a 32 round stage would cause enough heat for that to happen.
  5. Thats what I was thinking as well. I disassemble my guns before matches and practice sessions to clean and lube them. Checking the structural integrity of the shock buffer before reassembly and changing it if it shows signs of wear I don’t feel would be an issue for me.
  6. I use to cant my pistol, ejection port down and reach my support hand over the slide and rack the slide slowly while ejecting the round Into my hand. In the same motion I’d lock the slide to the rear. There was one RO constantly harassing me about it and talking about getting Dq’d being dangerous and what not so I stopped. And now I flip my round out and catch it during the unload show clear. Its funny because I watched TGO unload in person and YouTube like I use to, so I followed suit, but then was chastised about it. I doubt the RO would have said the same to Rob if they saw him do it though haha
  7. I learned to shoot with both eyes open during a Direct Action Course in the military, within only a few days. It took a lot of slow draws and presentations in dry fire and live fire where I would get a hard front sight focus with both eyes open, before getting a good sight picture and taking the shot. Even now during matches I will switch back and forth from both eyes open to one eye depending on the distance and difficulty of the target I am engaging.
  8. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Delta Point Pro and am planning on going that route myself. The reliability exceeds that of the RMR and you can pick them up for around 350 or less. Plus being able to change the battery without having to remove the optic is an added bonus.
  9. Not a problem. So when I first started listening I used the podcast app and played the most recent one at the time. After I realized I like the podcast I went back and downloaded all 200 podcast and listened to all of them from the first episode. Since then Apple got rid of a bunch so the furthest back you can go is episode 210 maybe. If you want to listen to podcast 001 all the way to the most recent though they are all on YouTube. I have YouTube Red and just download them and play them. Doesn’t use your data either when you download them to YouTube.
  10. Thats pretty good finishes for your first few matches. If you want to get serious I would start a dryfire regiment . I always thought I could shoot pretty well, then realized I had a lot to learn after a few matches if I wanted to be competitive. Your draw, reloads, Target transitions, movements, entering and exiting positions etc can all be practiced in dryfire.
  11. Welcome aboard! I’m equally as luckily living in Arizona. We have matches multiple times a week here at a few different ranges all within 30 minutes and some of the top shooters the sport has to offer. It’s a great place to learn. I also started with a Glock 34 in production, it’s a great platform to start with.
  12. Welcome aboard Bruce! So what part of the country do you live in? Also do you currently have your sights set on a particular division or weapon you want to compete with?
  13. Sounds like limited is the perfect division for you, with your current setup!
  14. Man it is crazy reading this post from July of 2017. Where I was in skill level and knowledge less then 10 months ago compared to where I am now is crazy. Back in july I didn’t know what I was getting my self into. I had no idea how classifiers worked, how to register for matches, and was dead set on shooting 9major in limited. I’ve come along way haha. I love everything about this sport
  15. I’ve always used sgammo or targetsportsusa. I’ve purchased 8000 rounds of magtech 115gr 9A. I’ve shot it in plenty of matches using my Glock 34 and it sits right about 130 PF. I have had zero FTF or FTE malfunctions in 8k. And the most I’ve paid is 189.00 for 1000 rds. Cheapest was 160.00. And the brass is reloadable as well.
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