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  1. Loweredchevy

    Dillon 650 case feeder alternatives

    Cutting the tube about 1 inch shorter looks like the winner for me. I have steel legs with fixed metal took boxes below my bench so that is not an option to shorten that. I will be ordering my case feeder now with this advise. Thank you again for the feedback.
  2. Loweredchevy

    Backup Gun for Competition - Major Matches

    Thank you very much for all of this feedback. Definitely a lot of great points I had not considered. Some of the sticking points to consider was definitely holster fit. I have not had any major malfunctions that spare parts could not fix so far, but I don't keep extra sights. We had a guy go home because of his rear sight a couple of months ago and now it makes sense. Local match not a big deal, but major matches is too much of a financial commitment not to consider.
  3. Loweredchevy

    Aftermarket slide or machine work for RMR

    This is great feedback and I will definitely check into both options mentioned. Word of mouth recommendations are always better. Thank you all for providing feedback.
  4. Are there any alternatives to loading cases easier such as a funnel or rotating turret for the 650 instead of the automatic case feeder? My basement has a low ceiling and not sure I can fit the feeder so I am looking at alternatives.
  5. Loweredchevy

    Aftermarket slide or machine work for RMR

    Looking for build a CO setup to play around with. I can purchase a slide but it seems that it would be better to custom machine the slide for a particular RMR instead to keep it as low as possible. What are your thoughts?
  6. Loweredchevy

    Glock 34 Gen 4 problem

    It is a real thing. Been working with Glock for years and years now. It is just a platform that works for me. The undercut helped me but is on my limited setup and not production. Those are the most volume shooters I have. My daily carries or sport shooters have undercuts in them to fit my hands. Not an issue for my younger son but for dad it is a different story. The Gen 5 versions might be the answer but still waiting on the release of long slide models for that.
  7. When should someone consider having a backup gun for major matches? Is this something that should be thought of in the beginning when making a purchase so that you budget for two of the same type instead of just one? Is having two necessary or can spare parts cover it?
  8. Loweredchevy

    Gun Community

    I have shot different disciplines throughout my years and if there is one thing that is common in the gun community overall is the helpful and awesome people that are part of the various sports. Yes it is competitive, but somehow that gets pushed aside to help people a lot. I enjoy that a lot. Thanks to all!
  9. At first I thought this was a fly by night type of thing and I didn't like that it became popular on the dark web, but now not so much. Are there legitimate uses for Bitcoin that you may have encountered or used?
  10. Loweredchevy

    What Is Your Absolute Single Favorite Movie?

    Happy Gilmore for Comedy, Seven for Thriller. Between those two it is a toss up.
  11. Loweredchevy

    Punisher on Netflix

    Not sure how I feel about this one in particular. I like the stories in the background but at the same time it took away a bit from the primary focus. I was trying to place the timeline also, seems like it is before the Iron Fist but not sure about Luke Cage.
  12. Loweredchevy

    Greetings From KC

    Good to see someone I know on here. I just signed up. Looks like a lot of great stuff on here.
  13. Loweredchevy

    Pre-Match Diet

    Greetings all, New to this forum and wanted to bring up a topic that I have personal interest in. Snacks and food at a match is one thing, but do any of you have a specific diet or partake in any food restrictions prior to a match? For example: No drinking, no greasy foods, high carb intake, no red meats, etc ...? How many days in advance do you begin your pre-match diet? I have been experimenting with several different combinations and have not really settled on anything that seems to be a solid plan as of yet. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance! Gabriel
  14. Loweredchevy

    Greetings From KC

    Thank you, I am a little bit of everything. Lately I have been doing a lot of Steel Challenge and USPSA when I am not on a Sporting Clay course or ringing steel at 300 yards.
  15. Loweredchevy

    Greetings From KC

    Greetings all, My name is Gabriel Sanchez and I currently live in Kansas City. I am not new to shooting sports but am new to this forum upon a recommendation from a CRO I worked with at a recent match. Kind Regards,