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  1. Hopefully they have a good solution, fingers crossed!
  2. For only a couple hundred rounds, i wouldn't think that is normal. i would email and ask, might need a replacement from the manufacturer. if it was like 10k rounds i might say to myself, not too bad, but just a couple hundred and on both, i wouldn't want to keep shooting it myself. Have you narrowed down what it is rubbing on?
  3. Is it hard to get the trigger pin in? or should say have you tried out of the gun with just the trigger and pin to see if the trigger binds on the pin, mine is factory and has smooth and action, i did polish the heck out of it, but before i did, it still had no issues binding.
  4. Have you tried with the pre -travel and over-travel fully adjusted in? just to help narrow down what the issue maybe, this could be a quick way to eliminate possible causes. also is the reset issue after you have fully assembled after adjustment? i can say that for mine, i only would adjust based on it fully assembled to get the right pre and over travel for mine. but if you are sure it is the pin, i ordered spare from PD website in the past, quick shipping.
  5. Maybe i am confusing myself, but isn't the over-travel the screw on top of the trigger and the pre-travel in front of the trigger? So far the screw that was too short for me was the one in front of the trigger, which i replaced with an aftermarket to help with not having enough thread to keep it secure.
  6. Good info, any chance you could do a video, i think it would be very helpful.
  7. I have the same setup , but in the 9mm. you may want to email Henning and ask for his advice, he normally replies pretty quick. The screw on top of the trigger adjust the over travel, The Screw in front of the trigger is the pre travel. i can only share what i have experienced, but still recommend you email Henning, only due to there could be some minor adjustments to the sear needed pending the setup you have. so for the over travel, i have it about 75% down, i did have to use some loctite for the screw it would work it self out and cause the slide to jam on it, that was may error in the install. for the pretravel, i have it as far as i can adjust to have minimal and as close to zero pre travel as possible, but it is pretty tricky for me to get it to zero pre travel, for as i get it closer to zero, then the trigger doesn't reset, but i also never modded the sear either to accommodate for zero pre travel. And i aslo have to ensure that i test the adjustments fully assembled, for if it is partial takendown , it doesn't react in the same when you rack it by hand. i did make one mod to the trigger, which i don't have a pic at the moment, but you can adjust the pre travel with the gun assembled, that was a small little side project. For the 1st question, not sure the possible cause, but it might be the sear needing to be adjusted For the 2nd question, hard to say if it is a short reset and a actual double tap, or a true malfunction there are some great folks on here that may have some links to youtube and better advice to share,
  8. Looking at finally getting the IFG Stock I to replace my last glock for my conceal carry, just wanted to see if anyone else maybe carrying this or another tanfo model for conceal carry and your thoughts on how you like it, Thanks!
  9. I have one on my LCE, i like more then the other version due to my hands being smaller, i can adjust this to come back much further. but you need good size caps screws to reduce it from shifting, i think it is machined aluminum to keep the weight down, but very soft.
  10. I'll give that a try too, thanks. Can you share the dimensions of the IFG for #1 and #5 when you get yours?
  11. I tried them last week but they were still out of stock, i will have to check again, Thanks for the share!
  12. I as well am looking to find an IFG S1 for my conceal carry, I have been looking to find a good tanfo to replace my glock19 to carry, but yet to find one, i do have the lCE, but to tall and a touch to long to carry, i could live with the length, but the height cause printing with the grip if i carry, what is the over all height and length of the S1? hope one day it is available here in the US
  13. Appreciate all the feedback and different point of views, i see the conversation has a couple different points of view, Most all Red dot optics have some parallax , even if it is very very minor. (and some have a lot) Astigmatism in most cases without corrective lens can cause the red dot to be distorted , lose shape and or clarity etc. Do some with astigmatism wearing corrective lens still see the red dot being distorted? i myself wear either contacts or glasses to correct my astigmatism, but i don't see any red dot distortion when i wear my corrective lens, it is a normal red dot at all angles, naturally without corrective lens it is a hot mess. With all the feedback and posted links so far, i am still unsure thou if a person with astigmatism wearing corrective lens would see parallax on what is consider a parallax free optic. so maybe the better question is.... Hypothetically , Does a person with astigmatism that is wearing corrective lens (for 20/20 vision) see more parallax then a person that doesn't have astigmatism (with 20/20 vision) using the same red dot optic, sight \ eye alignment , focal distance etc. ? or would both see the same amount of parallax?
  14. Have some questions about Red Dot optics and individuals with Astigmatism, if anyone is able to share you opinion and experiences. If you wear corrective lens ( Contacts or Glasses) for Astigmatism, and you look thru a parallax free red dot optics (not holographic etched style) do you still see minor Parallax? I have been reviewing a few different brands and models of red dots , Aimpoint (T2, comp5), Trijicon (RMR), Holosun (503), C-more (Rts), as well as holographic Eotech. As i have looked at each with corrective contacts both eyes open , or rotate one open and one closed,with a target set at 10 yards and i see some minor parallax in the Trijicon, Holosun and a lot in the Cmore, but I don't think i can see any in the T2 or comp5, or any of the eotech as i assume this is do to design begin different ( not sure if this is correct). I have also tried with my glasses and get the same results, and with no corrective lens my vision is too poor to be able to tell. Also tried the cell phone method to look thru the sight, and although i don't think i see no parallax on any of the sights aside the cmore, not sure if this is accurate or not. Is it possible for astigmatism to create parallax or is it possible the Trijicon and Holosun specific units i tried have a defect creating the parallax? Appreciate any feedback you may be able to share
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