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  1. Yes! I had done a 5K mud run before, the kind where you have to jump and roll in the mud and do all kinds of muddy obstacles. This was kind of like it, except it was a 10K and there was target shooting involved. Your guess about cleaning by hosing everything down is exactly right. I had brought a rag and stuffed it in my pocket thinking I’d use it later to wipe down my optics or gear if they got dirty, not realizing just how dirty they were all going to get. But when I pulled it out it, the rag itself was already a wet and muddy mess! It truly was an epic experience.
  2. Finally did my first one this past weekend - the 10K WTF Biathlon! Much harder than I thought it would be, and definitely addicting! Learned a lot just from my first one. What an awesome sporting event.
  3. Thanks for the reply and info, Glock021. Not sure if I may be biting more than I can chew by wanting to at least jog through most of a10K course, but after a cancer scare last year I’m hoping to at least try. Your advice on keeping the weight low is an excellent one. I don’t have a “battle belt,” at least not yet, but I may try configuring what I have to distribute the weight more evenly so that less weight is in my backpack, and more is along a belt with mag holders and in my pockets. And thanks for the link and suggestion to check out photos of others. I’ll do that as well as check out some videos.
  4. I’m interested in participating in a 10K run and gun. Having never done one of these, I’m curious to know what gear most folks use to carry the rifle, pistol, mags, water, around 200 or so rounds of ammo while running or jogging most of the distance and going through obstacles. Anything else that should be carried, like maybe a 3-piece cleaning rod to help un-jam a stuck casing or a small can of CLP? My guess is that spare loaded mags, extra ammo and 2 liters of water in a pack weighs about 10-15 lbs. However, I discovered that jogging with 15 lbs of small dumb bells in two different backpacks just causes the shoulder harnesses to dig in uncomfortably into my shoulders and traps. It’s bearable for about 2 miles or so, but after 4 miles it becomes real uncomfortable, and that’s without carrying or slinging a rifle, much less a full 10K (6.5 miles) with obstacles thrown in. I’m wondering if my backpacks are just the wrong kind for that type of activity, or what tips and advice others may have about that.
  5. I have the same problem with a G34 Gen 4 I recently acquired. It’s my first and only Glock. According to the following thread, it appears to be a problem known as “Glock Knuckle” for some of us: I don’t have fat fingers but do have somewhat big, bony knuckles on thin fingers. The middle finger knuckle rubbing isn’t too bad, but it’s there. I may try wrapping it with some tape or a band aid or just let nature take its course and grow yet another callous on my hands and fingers. From the thread above, it appears that the Gen 5 Glocks have addressed this issue with a reshaped or thinner trigger guard. I don’t know when the Gen 5 34 is coming out, but I’ve read reports it may be sometime this year.
  6. Wow, you guys are awesome. Great knowledge in here. I don’t have an SFX, yet, but if and when I decide to get one, I’ll know what to do.
  7. I did a quick search and found one or two complaints about that at the Canikfanatik forum, like this one: http://canikdiscussions.com/thread/1785/nib-sfx-failure-eject Sounds like breaking it in with NATO 9mm and making sure it's first properly cleaned and lubed once bought helps with that?
  8. Thanks for the tip, mikeNM. So is that the only difference between the SFX and SFL, the ability to add an optic?
  9. Good to hear of other run and gun type events in other states. A 5K course sure sounds more manageable for me. If I were closer, I’d be signing up for it.
  10. That's awesome. I've heard about run and guns for the past year or so and just recently got the courage to sign up for my first one - the Lonestar Armory Run and Gun scheduled for the end of February near Cresson, Texas: https://texasrunandgun.org/2018-lone-star-armory-series-opener-run-and-gun/ I'm a complete novice when it comes to the shooting sports. The only other competitions I've done include an IDPA match over 5 years ago and an NRA service pistol match about 3 years ago. I'm wondering if I may have bitten off more than I can chew by skipping 3-gun altogether and going straight for a 5 to 7 mile, obstacle-course-laden "biathlon" - lol! I see that you're from Virginia? Did you travel all the way down to Waco for the WTF Biathlon? What kind of surplus gear did you use? What rifle are you thinking of building for your next run and gun? I don't really have much in the way of gear and am wondering if I can get by with lugging all the necessary mags, ammo and a water bottle or two in a backpack?
  11. Good to hear. I’m seriously looking at the TP9SFL, which has a 5.2” barrel.
  12. Don't know anything about the Haltom City Rifle and Pistol Club, nor do I know if they allow running drills and holster draws, but I think they may be only half an hour away from you. I also don't know if they have a waiting list, but their website doesn't indicate they have one. Their annual dues are only $200, which is very reasonable for the DFW area, but the initial, one-time new member dues and annual dues are over $500 according to their website. To join, they recommend you go to one of their monthly meetings to fill out an application and pay an application fee. I suppose you could ask them there about their club range rules and whether they allow running drills and holster draws. There's also Parker County Sportsmen's Club in Weatherford, which may or may not be closer to you than TDSA in Ferris. Don't know much about that club, either, but thought I'd mention it in case it may be another viable option for you.
  13. Thanks! Will have to visit one day. Be sure to let me know if you're ever back in Waxahachie again.
  14. No kidding! Navarro? SAGU? We just moved to Waxahachie last year. We were in Lancaster before that. And thanks for letting me know of ETTS. I had looked them up before. Very nice place with long distances, too, but a bit out of my price range. Probably well worth it, though, if I had the time to shoot more often. Not too familiar with Roanoke, but I hear it has a very nice little historical downtown, plus it's close to the Speedway and Cabelas.
  15. Waxahachie, about 30 minutes south of Dallas. Nice little town, but growing pretty quickly. Which part are you from?
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