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  1. I run the Springer Extended base pads with grams guts and love them
  2. Phoenix Trinity is a better grip IMO but stainless in a must for a grip
  3. I've had good luck with free Munitions but the last lot I got sent the primers were not seated properly which sore left a bad taste in my mouth
  4. Thanks for the replies I know what Springs to use in what tuning to do I am just looking for recommendations on Factory ammo that people have had good luck with
  5. Thanks was having issues with Freedom Munitions ammunition but realized they used CCI primers
  6. I would like to get an idea of what ammo Factory wise people are having good luck with in their modified stock twos I know Freedom munition use a CCI primers and are not the most reliable but what is out there as I'm just now getting 9mm and not planning on reloading at least for a while here is my current setup to help out Titan Hammer PD reemed barrel BOLO 9lb recoil spring 1 piece sear 14lb PD hammer spring
  7. Decided to try Production and clueless when it come to 9mm ammo what is a good Bulllet weight I am running a Stock 2 with all the upgrades
  8. I would like input on what people think is the most reliable LB hammer spring to use I shoot promarly factory anno and my gun is set is as follow s Titan Hammer 1 piece sear 9LB recoil spring Extreme trigger Extreme guiderod PD firing pin and Spring ton of polishing Bolo Reemed barrel
  9. I have both I tend to shoot the Stock 2 more I shoot more accurate with the 2 however the 3 transitions better for me I think it boils down to personal preference
  10. I shoot a DVC Limited in 40 but for 9mm I shoot a Stock 2 and a Stock 3 if that tells you anything
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