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  1. If they make this for the new Stock I with a rear sight plate option I'll most likely be buying one
  2. Tictacticaltimmy

    New CZC Gun

    In 9mm I believe the capacity is the same: 19 rounds in about the same mag length, definitely an advantage for .40 though. I have no interest in this gun, but love the idea of CZC making complete guns in the US. What I would lkke to see is an aluminum frame SP01 with checkering like an S2 and a wider/flatter slide like a P09 designed from the ground up to be easy to cut for optics.
  3. What a cool design! It seems to me that "20" in the diagram is a DA or half cock notch
  4. Atlas, How do you feel about something like the DPM guide rod with its multiple springs? Shouldn't that give the same effect as increasing the stroke? I've never stroked a gun or used a DPM so I have no experience on this, though it looks like an interesting option and much cheaper than having a gun modified.
  5. Looking forward to the review P.E. Why don't you accuracy test it like you have other guns at the end of your reviews? You might want to use a laser instead of the sights, people complain that big front dot makes it hard to aim precisely American Rifleman review showed extremely good accuracy, another gun rag showed moderate accuracy, and some youtubers have claimed poor accuracy.
  6. PLEASE OFFER THIS FOR A STANDARD SHADOW OR SP-01 Been waiting years for this!
  7. Gotcha. Sounds like there is a good chance it would touch off a round as soon as you rack the slide, perhaps even go full auto. When you say imbalance between the springs, is that because one was replaced while the other was not, or purposely replaced with a weaker/stronger than factory spring? If this is something that just happens from high wear on Tanfos, perhaps Tanfos with a high round count are mechanically safer if you remove the FPB altogether? This is a bit of a tangent but... Lately I've been thinking a lot about CZB vs. Tanfo vs. CZ Shadow for carry guns and what possible situations could cause an Accidental Discharge. The conclusion I've come to is that a Shadow with regular firing pin and spring is entirely drop safe unless dropped directly on its muzzle, in which case the round is going to go into the floor anyway. As for AD's due to mechanical failure, I figure that is the real advantage of having a FPB... it prevents the gun from going off if there is a very high degree of wear on parts such as the hammer/sear hooks. However, your example seems to indicate that a heavily worn Tanfo with FPB intact is just as likely to have an AD as a Shadow would be (obviously the likelihood is still extremely low). Plus, unlike worn hammer/sear hooks, you can't test for an imbalance between springs by simply pressing on the hammer, since when the hammer is cocked back the trigger bar will prevent the sear from moving.
  8. With the hammer follow that you had, did the hammer stop on its half cock notch or go all the way forward? How many rounds through the pistol?
  9. .4" lower is truly a massive difference, there's no doubt this is the way to go instead of a dovetail mount. I'm really impressed they were able to retain the functionality of the FPB. It would be nice if there was a way PD could make an iron sight plate, but that is extremely difficult to do with direct milling vs. a plate system like CZC is doing. Even more difficult when you include potential variability in the dimensions of Tanfo slides. Makes me wish spare slides from EAA were actually cheaper than just buying a new gun...
  10. Totally agree. By the time you add Dawson sights, Cajun SRS, and an extra mag, extended mag release, you are about $20 away from just getting the Shadow. The numbers are better still if you want extended safeties, care about having the shortest reset possible, or feel the Shadow hammer is "good enough" but the stock SP01 hammer is not. Also a Shadow is simpler than a regular CZ75 to work on whereas a decocker model is more complex. On the other hand, if the idea of manually dropping the hammer gives you the chills, the tactical could be a great competition platform.
  11. Thank you for the detailed range report, I agree that thumb safeties plus a deleted trigger dingus sounds like it would be a great option.
  12. Would you mind going into more detail about how they modified the firing pin block? I'm curious to know if it is still functional, which you can test by pressing on the block and then trying to push the firing pin forward. Also wondering if the firing pin block spring is pressing up on the bottom of the optic Also, we'd love to see you show off a pic or 2
  13. This probably is not Prod legal, but here is an option: https://sugru.com/ If you search for "Joe Mustang" on Youtube or "Joe L" over at the CZ Forum, he is a bullseye shooter who uses this stuff on his grip and I believe also on his trigger to shape everything to his liking.
  14. Just to confirm: the pistol fires reliably in DA? If that is the case, and you are not getting any primer indentation at all, it seems to me your firing pin safety is stuck somehow. With the slide off, cock the hammer and slowly pull the trigger (with finger just above hammer to catch it). You should see the firing pin block lifter move just before the hammer breaks. See if it moves to a different degree in DA vs SA. If everything checks out there, move on to the slide where the actual firing pin block is. If you press up on and release the firing pin block it should immediately spring back down. If it is sluggish the area around it needs to be cleaned. Its possible though unlikely the firing pin block spring needs to be replaced. Since you have to remove it to get to your firing pin anyway, you might as well do this. A few more questions: Does your gun have the CGW Firing pin retaining pin? CGW firing pin block spring?
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