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  1. Thanks everyone. I was nervous as crap while doing this, that’s for sure. If I messed up, there goes the slide! I would really like to get the R3 on the X5 slide, but that would definitely need to be done by a shop. More material to remove and it would need new holes tapped. I was able to keep the loaded chamber indicator on the M17, the R3 holds it perfectly.
  2. The romeo3 is long. It butts up against the front pretty tight, but doesn’t extend past the rear of the slide. That is the X5 grip module, I’ll have to remove the magwell for CO. a belt sander helped get me started, but I finished with a file. There’s not much material to remove, the M17 is precut for optics from the factory. So it really wasn’t too bad. I did call around but no shop would touch it, just a “one off” job wasn’t worth it a guess.
  3. As a homage to the Max Michel X5 Romeo3Max, and a little “can it be done” craftsmanship... (and out of a little jealousy) I created the M17R3!!! Using a M17 slide, I was able to mount a Romeo3 directly to the slide by removing rear notch material from the slide. Once the mounting area was flat, the romeo3 almost sat perfectly on top of the screw holes that hold the rear sight in place. There was enough space to get some smaller screws through the slide and optic allowing for a secure mount. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take any pictures during the filing process or before tightening everything up... sorry. So far it has held up for about 100 rounds. Thought I’d share it with you guys... *edited the name, don’t want to upset anyone
  4. My “Surefire”?? light.... ....and how I really carry it.
  5. You’re gonna make me self conscious about my gap..... yeah, it bottomed out at that point.
  6. They’re “made for glocks” but the 320 slide is slightly wider than the comp, so it doesn’t interfere with holsters, frames and whatnot.
  7. It’s an RX compact slide with a SilencerCo barrel (I wanted the 1/2x28 thread for more comp options) with a Primary Machine comp. I've used the Springer comp on an earlier build (carry comp), and the Range 18 comp. I like this one the best so far.
  8. I mostly just bang steel with it. I think it shoots pretty flat for a micro comp. Has a GG comp trigger package thats nice an warn in (is my X5 lower that I run in other matches).
  9. I’m just a local club level shooter... but I run this in the open division at my local matches. I hold my own against some of the tricked out CZs and race guns. Took second last weekend, granted there were only 8 shooters in the open division... 14th overall.
  10. I've run the SP comp on factory box ammo for as long as I've had it, never had a problem. I can't imagine this one being any different. it does work with the factory threaded sig barrel. unfortunately I do not have a surefire light.
  11. I found the comp from Facebook, an outfit called Range18, so I reached out to them. Very responsive and great to deal with. My Range18 comp came in yesterday... very well made, cuts are clean and burr free. It has a set-screw on the bottom to help prevent the comp from rotating, which is a nice addition (no matter how much red loctite I used, the SP comp still rotated during a day long match). So far, I like it. Quality is good and visually it's more appealing than the SP comp. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get to the range until next week.
  12. I'm sure I'll catch heat for this, but... This pretty much sums up my feeling on it. If you just look at the numbers... out of the MILLIONS of different angles that the 320 can hit the ground if dropped, they found (I'll even give it a 10 degree range) 10 angles that can cause a discharge. The number of 320's in circulation since 2014 (500,000) vs the number of drop fires reported (3-4?). I'll take those odds.... but the great thing is, if you feel otherwise, Sig will change parts for you. Just send it in.
  13. The p320 still passes industry standard safety tests. So technically, I don't see how they can be banned. (Just my opinion) I shot in a small local steel match last night, and other than being the butt of a few jokes, no problems.
  14. There are 46,000,000 different angle combinations (so I've read) that you can drop a gun. If people want "industry standards" to check all of them to have a truly "drop safe" firearm then I have a feeling the cost of guns is going to go up. A lot.
  15. I'm sure this has been posted in one of these threads, but what do you guys think of this: “Drop safe,” Cohen explained, “Those two words don’t exist together. No gun is drop safe. It’s a function of angle, height and surface. If you build it completely drop safe, you legitimize mishandling. Inherently guns are not meant to be dropped, and are unsafe when dropped.”
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