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  1. Interesting! It’s definitely different, but makes a lot of sense.
  2. Well, that at least helps in knowing that something didn’t happen to my powder. Wonder what it could be..
  3. Hello everyone, Been using Alliant for about a year now and today I just noticed there are brown flakes in my power. Not a lot but enough to notice. Anyone Have any insight on what it is? First time I’ve noticed it.
  4. Check out Springer Precision. I run them for production but i know they have some CO legal ones as well.
  5. Check brownells or midway. They usually have it.
  6. This is about as good as it gets right here!
  7. I have one of the midway range bags and it is quite nice. Plenty Fi space, plenty of pockets. Just all around nice bag and not too terribly expensive!
  8. A lot of people I have talked say if you come to this decision to always go big. This isn’t just for the 1050, but even if you are thinking 650 to 550 that you should always go bigger than you think you need and it will work out just fine.
  9. All within the rules now. Seems like there isn’t much you can’t do in Production the days..
  10. Big fan of Talon on my production gun. Seems like no better option for polymer. Other than trying to stipple the gun yourself.
  11. I see a lot of people use Springer precision and that is what I just ordered for my Shadow 2. Overall nice basepad and fairly cheap as well
  12. +1 for anyone who said boombah hellcats! ran a pair this entire season (4-5 matches a month) and they show no signs of wear! may be able to get another season out of them!
  13. I have never taken powder out of my press. Just run it until its empty and fill it back up. I jus throw a towel over my press when I'm not using it, but other than that nothing special.
  14. Welcome! glad to have you and hope you stay a while!
  15. Welcome! You are in for a wild ride that is for sure. I bought my 550 a little over a year ago and it was a rough go at first. Since I have settled in and have everything set up perfectly. Now its time to turn and burn! Good luck in your adventure!
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