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  1. You can get this mount here: http://www.ipscshop.ch Before you make an order, talk to Dominic!
  2. Hi Folks! Today i made a chrono shooting with my new handloads. Gun is a Tanfoglio Gold Custom with the V12. See it for yourself! Sorry for the language...most of it is in german but i am sure you will understand everything on the picture! Powdercharge is JULY 2, 2015! Greetings from Switzerland
  3. The Romeo 3 was just borrowed for a short time! After this period i had to wait for my Delta Point Pro. R3 was really good but the DPP is more proven! That's why in the end i changed to the DPP. Really like it! I would have to learn more in this class of shooting but for now i'm just having fun with my gun!
  4. Status update: Did change the magwell to the new one from Extreme Line! I like it much more!
  5. So... my baby got final status! Shooting with the gun is so great and makes you smilling all the time! WOOHOO!
  6. As we were talking about optic mounts..... The mount with the four pins will be the one for the Leupold Deltapoint Pro. Available colors are silver or black. Since it's made out of aluminum you will be able to change the color by yourself. Just anodize it like you want. I will go for the black one. There are also thread inserts so tighting and loosing screws isn't a problem! The mount with the two pins is for the RTS2!
  7. I started looking too for an OPEN RACE GUN. Had a long time to think about 9mm or .38 Super. In the end i decided to go on with .38 Super but i didn't buy a new one. I build it up from different parts. Just bought an old Limited 9x19 HC from a friend and then i ordered a conversion kit from Tanfoglio. Now i got a nice CUSTOM SELFMADE gun. Shot about 500 rounds true it without any feeding or ejection problems. Now i am working on the factor because i got the V12 model Need much powder but i got some differents to test. The optic on this picture was just for testing. In the end i will go with Leupold Deltapoint Pro... just have to wait for the optic now..... and yes OPEN RACE GUN shooting is much more fun than PRODUCTION or STANDARD
  8. Hi guys from the west! I am new here and i was wondering if we could get some more loading data for the Tanfoglio Gold Customs .38 SA V12 users together. I didn't really find much that was in current use for these guns?! Just something with VV 3N38 but it was from the year 2008 i belive!? Would that be all? Currently i am test-shooting with swiss-made powders. It's called Relaod Swiss RS24. I don't know if you guys can get this in the USA?! I am using the following components: Reload Swiss RS24 9.5gr CCI 550 SP Magnum primers Nickel Remington + P brass .38 SA COL: 31.6mm ( 1.245 ) .355 124gr ( more around 122.5gr to 123gr if you ask me!) GECO FMJ 2318143 bullet. Lenght of the bullet is 15.54mm (0.612) I am just getting around 1270 to max. 1320 FPS. Not enough for major factor with some reserve. Next week i will try it with 9.7gr! But are there some others handloads which some guys use RIGHT NOW? Such with major power factor and enough reserve and clean burn?! The barrel with the V12 sucks a lot of powder so i think there is always 9gr + needed with every other products. If not even more! I am pretty sure i can get these powder at my location: VV 3N37, VV 3N38, VV N105, Vectan SP2, Alliant Blue Dot and others i don't know which fit for .38SA I would be very happy for some good advices!! THX and cheers!
  9. Hi Jack No i am not in the east of switzerland were the Pass is. I am more to the west!
  10. Hello there! My name's Martin from Bern, Switzerland and i have looked on here a few times before for reloading data and experience with Tanfoglio/ EAA IPSC guns. I hope to find a lot of guys here who share they love for this guns too. I started with IPSC-shooting in 2010 and with competing in 2014. I like to look forward but it's more all about the fun and meeting new people around the world. Right now i am shooting in STANDARD DIVISION with a Tanfoglio Limited Custom Xtreme SF in cal. 9x19 with minor handloads. Next to this i also got a SELFMADE Gold Custom in cal. .38SA. I will try to compete in 2018 with this gun. I also do reloading on a DILLON XL650 and got weakness for military guns and suppressors. If you got any questions just ask me. I will try to answer it as good i can. Well that's it for the first time! THX and cheers! .
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