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  1. Thanks for the fast replies. Worked up a load at 1.100 w/ 3.7 gr in my CZ Shadow that made factor easily.
  2. Seen a great deal of varying data in the reloading forum. Anybody have a good starting point for this combo? OAL=1.090. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks xd! Was beginning to think I wouldn't get any replies. I'll look him up straight away.
  4. CTD_P2A

    Hammers - Production

    Copy all Twowheels. I'm running the stock shadow hammer and planning on upgrading to the low CZC. Before I buy I just wanted to make sure there wasn't an inherent advantage to one or the other. Thanks for the info!
  5. CTD_P2A

    Shadow 2 grips

    Also in GA, what's the name of the dealer in SC? Lok grips +1, have a pair on my Shadow 1.
  6. Good posture & a strong core/shoulders in daily life translate to good posture & shoulder position during a match i have found. Reducing shoulder slouch in everyday life pay dividends quickly. Just an opinion, but one that has worked significantly well for me.
  7. G2G In my humble opinion...but nothing offends me.
  8. You are not your body, your body is a machine. Your body responds to input and adapts to the inputs your give it. This is my mindset when trying to overcome the physical challenges of shooting (e.g. grip, stance, faster reloads).
  9. Thanks for the tread. Same boat as OP, looks like some MOA parts are in my future!
  10. Everything breaks eventually. Extra parts & fix-it know how save me from a lot of worry.
  11. gorgeous revolver! Best of luck finishing the job.
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