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  1. Mine is still going strong. Fighting light primer strikes with the apex trigger kit right now. Other then that the barrel has been amazing.
  2. What kind of svi's do you have? I have a 9mm dvc limited and love it.
  3. Been looking at the shadow 2 for a bit. Im sure you love it
  4. Not sure if i ever introduced myself but if i didnt, hi. Im from greensboro NC and just started shooting uspsa. Started with an m&p and now have an sti dvc limited in 9mm.
  5. I seem to have the opposite problem. I shoot A's on paper and miss the crap out of the steel. LOL
  6. Been slick as butter since i stoned it. Havent had any issues and ran like a top at my first match last weekend.
  7. minuteman munitions makes a 900fps 147 grain reman load. If you buy it 1k at a time its around 10 bucks a box. From what I've shot of it, its god quality and makes minor pf. Very soft recoiling ammo. Works in my performance model with apex barrel without issue.
  8. Thanks for the info guys. I ended up using very fine ceramic sharpening stones to polish the hood where i had filed. That seems to have resolved the issue. It was a crazy day. 4 weak primer strikes which caused me to have to put the stock striker spring back in which seemed to fix the issue. Then i had a follower stick in a mag with the tti basepad.
  9. al23 the problem is that it only does this when its hot from being shot. I'm not sure the dykem etc would stand up to the heat etc at that point. I will just take a better look at the barrel next time after shooting it. I'm betting the rest will be dirty with the exception of the high spot causing the interference. I'm also going to call apex tomorrow and get their take on it. It's something I'm sure they have seen or dealt with before.
  10. Ok thanks. Didnt know if it was cause for concern. Hopefully it slacks up a hair so i can show clear on the 15th uspsa shoot lol.
  11. What would i need to stone it? Any place local that supplies that kind of stuff? Sorry ignorant about polishing metals.
  12. I checked it cold again and i think instead of the approximate 2lbs of pressure to unlock from battery is probably sitting at more like 6lbs. Im gonna clean everything and take 1 stroke off the overall length.
  13. Ok so I got my semi fit barrel in the other day. I took my time and fitted it to the pistol. Only fitting I needed to do was the overall length to get it to go into battery. I filed this portion until it would go into battery and take a finger push to get it to release from battery. Barrel was a snug fit in the slide installing the barrel but once in it moves freely. I'm not having to beat it in it just needs to be just right for it to slip in there, if that makes sense. Anyways so the m&p functioned as normal and just slightly hung up out of battery
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