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  1. I’ve been asking for mine back since last week. It seems he’s got time to make videos, write novel length emails, no phone calls, won’t answer my question on when he’ll get it back. It’s like a black hole. Maybe it’s on the way...Who knows??? I asked for a tracking number Wednesday morning. Still nothing. All I need is a barrel in working order.
  2. My email from Thursday December 20th:
  3. I asked for my barrel back Friday the 21st.... If it shoots anything like the pictures I’m good. I also told them I’d run the ammo depicted...if needed. Even tho I NEVER run off the shelf ammo. All I need is a barrel with reasonable accuracy. I prefer my own builds. Stepping in the box knowing my equipment is essential. Its gotten me to 100% GM doing it my way.
  4. I pulled the MBX barrel off and replaced it with my original one to check and make sure it wasn’t the Cmore or the upper. It shot fine... about an inch at 25yds with the same 125gr Blue Bullet & 115gr Montana Gold. Installation went smoothly on all accounts. If it’ll produce groups as shown with that ammo I’m good with feeding it whatever it takes to make it work.
  5. My lucky day. A friend gave me some 147gr Blue Bullets to try. Thanks for the information.
  6. I can’t wait to get it back. What was your torque on the nut? I used 40ft lbs Also I just picked these up
  7. Mine has been cut to 1.155 It just likes short rounds for some reason. Thanks tho
  8. I sent mine back. I’m waiting to hear from MBX Unfortunately mine is one of the ones that won’t hold a group. 4-6 inches at 25 yards. Sure hope he finds the problem. I really want it to work.
  9. Sounds like several have been sold. Busy time of year but I’d like to hear from others as to how they group at 25 & 50 yards. It looks great and the weight makes it a winner if it’ll hold a pattern.
  10. I run the TF ... load short due to my PCC chamber 1.110 but have never had a malfunction. Super light also.
  11. Have you put it on paper to see how it groups?
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