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  1. Bullet56A

    portable fan on the gun cart

    Several of us have gotten the Dewalt fan. Works great and will run all day on the larger batteries. Easily hangs on the side of my wagon. West Tennessee is a bit humid in the summer!
  2. Bullet56A

    Drum magazine in a Glock lower

    I’ve used one. Unfortunately I ran it dry a few times and the bolt battered the cartridge type followers now it’s not reliable. Also very heavy!
  3. Bullet56A

    New Rules

    It’s by far the most difficult stage. I think it adds to the game. Takes a broader use of skills. Not just standing and hosing. Its my nemesis! I’m 62 with limited use of my right leg. I see no reason to remove the stage or change it. You can offset your overall percentage on the other stages to still make 100% GM. Just as I have.
  4. Yes it’s possible. It takes a well tuned pistol, mags and ammunition.
  5. Bullet56A

    CMMG Guard upper & QC10 / colt lower

    Is that Kiana Reeves in the video?
  6. Bullet56A

    How are you adapting to the new rules?

    I hear ya. I shot PCC last match. Was weird.
  7. Bullet56A

    How are you adapting to the new rules?

    I really like the fault lines. Once they ditch the vests it’ll be even better. Maybe do away with the division round count and load full in a stock magazine. Heck yeah! It’s going to be fun!
  8. Bullet56A

    C-More Thoughts

    I’ve got 7 Cmores. Oldest is well over 20 years old. Mounted on Open major pistols , PCC’s and .22’s. Other than the screws coming loose occasionally I’ve never had one fail. Shoot in all types of weather. Have never had an issue with temperature variance. All are polymer. Some click switch some not I prefer the click. totally satisfied
  9. Bullet56A

    Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    Round nose jacketed. Takes less spring pressure to push them into battery. I can run a pound lighter spring in my Glock 17 (stock barrel & mags) XDM 5.25 is semi difficult to load the magazine with BBI 147 flat nose. Any round nose is as smooth as butter. STI major 9 open is a single shot with MG 124HP. Runs 100% on MG 124 & 115 round nose. Tho I do run 152gr semi wad cutters in my old 1911 45....just for the perfect holes. To each his own.
  10. Bullet56A

    PCC/Rimfire starting position

    We’ve had this issue also. Best way I’ve found to remidy it is to caution the shooter and remind him “at the cone” when starting the string. Normally it’s a seasoned competitor. Tenths add up over a full course of fire. Also ridiculing them goes a long way ?
  11. Bullet56A

    How many matches do you shoot per month?

    2 - USPSA matches each having a 2nd gun. 2 - Steel Challenge matches again with 2 guns Occasionally an extra USPSA thrown in for good measure.
  12. Bullet56A

    Glasses & Front Site

    Age has diminished my ability to see irons. Had a pair of glasses made. Right lens is 2.0 left is not corrected Shooting both eyes open works well for me. I do have to put the glasses on 15 or so minutes prior to shooting to let my eyes adjust. Sight is clear as are the targets at any Range.
  13. Bullet56A

    How common are broken AR9mm firing pins

    Gotta PSA no broken pin yet. No dry firing to speak of. 3k with Hiperfire 24c 7k with stock w/JP springs. 10k and rolling along smoothly. Pin is getting mushroomed from hammer strike.
  14. Bullet56A

    Favorite optic for PCC

    Cmore Railway 8MOA. Shooting Steel Challenge and USPSA. Been my go to for decades
  15. Bullet56A

    PSA Warranty Card

    Didn't get one with mine. Luckily I haven't needed it