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  1. I had the same problem when I installed the Dawson Ice magwell on my RO. Using a file take material off the top of the MSH until it fits. Take a little at a time and check until you can insert the pin to hold the MSH in place
  2. I have over 200 rounds through my 10-round mags and the 10th round is still very tight when loaded. Been thinking of trimming some of the plastic from the base pads to see if that solves the issue.
  3. I installed the Apex flat trigger. What's really going to help you is dry firing and your grip.
  4. That's what I did before sending my M&P for milling. You might also want to consider buying a C.O.R.E. kit.
  5. Not sure what ammo and grain your shooting, but you might want to research the Wolff recoil springs and non-captured guide rods.
  6. How has the 2.0 been working for you? Have you done any mods?
  7. I have them and they are worth it. Mags fit tight but slide out easily. Spend the money once.
  8. ramnj

    M&P CORE

    Why did you change to the Vortex? I took my RMR off because I just could not get used to the RMR’s red dot and the size of the glass. Is the Vortex an improvement over the RMR?
  9. Best prices I found are from GunMag Warehouse.
  10. Sadly exactly what happened to me today. ?
  11. ramnj

    M&P CORE

    I been running mine without the optic.
  12. Is your state a 10 round magazine? I've had nothing but problems with the full-size 10 round magazines in both my M&P's and PCC when I put 10 rounds in them. Work fine with only 9 rounds. If your not restricted, get the bigger mags and only load them to 10 rounds.
  13. Don’t really have a reason.
  14. I have both and use the 5" for USPSA and the 4.25 for IDPA.
  15. Nordic Components. Change the trigger, put an optic and your ready to go. JMO.
  16. I'm waiting for Techwell to make one for the Nordic PCC.
  17. Also check out the Nordic Components PCC 9mm.
  18. Is 60 considered a senior? Hope not.
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