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  1. Same happened to me when I bought my SP01 Shadow. Round is too long. I solved the problem by shortening to OAL 1.09. Eventually I sent my barrel to get reamed so I could load longer. Since your running factory ammo you might want to consider getting your barrel reamed.
  2. I have the same R1 Limited and use the MBX magazines, but they are up there in cost. I also use two SPS magazines that work good in the R1 and are about half the cost.
  3. The screws that Trijicon sends are a little over 11mm. I just trimmed mine down to 10mm with a dremmel and everything worked.
  4. These are on SP01 Shadow and posting them for your reference. The first one was done by CZCustoms and the second one was by CGW. Both sit on plates but the one milled by CZCustoms sits much closer to the top of the slide. Advantage with these two companies is your not tied to one RDS. CZCustoms makes a plate with rear sight if you decide to take the optic off and shoot irons. They make them for both SP01 and Shadow 2. Hope this helps.
  5. ^^Just to add, the SP01 Shadow does not come with the firing pin block.
  6. Milled using CZ’s optic plates. .
  7. I’m in a similar situation as you. I love shooting USPSA and IDPA in SS, but my eyes don’t cooperate anymore. After trying different red dot guns at the range, I decided to get the SP01 Shadow, sent them to CZ_custom and had them milled for RDS.
  8. Semi-fit. Very easy to fit using their video.
  9. I put the Apex barrel in mine and the Apex flat trigger. use it in USPSA CO. VERY accurate!
  10. This is what I use. I’ve used it on Sig and Remington 1911’s and an M&P. Ordered it from Amazon.
  11. Not familiar with the Staccato C but probably the ESP division.
  12. What happened with the 10mm mags that made it no good for IPSC? I have 10 round 10mm Tripp magazines that sit flush with the magwell. I ask because I'm doing an IPSC match next month and I also have a Max in 40.
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