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  1. Semi-fit. Very easy to fit using their video.
  2. I put the Apex barrel in mine and the Apex flat trigger. use it in USPSA CO. VERY accurate!
  3. The number for the S&W is 1.
  4. This is what I use. I’ve used it on Sig and Remington 1911’s and an M&P. Ordered it from Amazon.
  5. Not familiar with the Staccato C but probably the ESP division.
  6. What happened with the 10mm mags that made it no good for IPSC? I have 10 round 10mm Tripp magazines that sit flush with the magwell. I ask because I'm doing an IPSC match next month and I also have a Max in 40.
  7. The SVI trigger dropped right in. Don't remember having to take any material off the top or bottom of the trigger. Make sure you order the Billet Grip Trigger Bow Wide Body. Here's the link for the one I ordered. https://infinity.americommerce.com/p/144-Billet-Grip-Trigger-Bow-Wide-Body.aspx
  8. I have a Sig Max 1911 and a Sig 1911 Traditional and they both have different slide profiles. The Traditional does not fit in the Max RHT holster. I use a 1911 Bladetech holster so I can use one belt setup. The Traditional fits a little loose and I have to tighten the bolts. When I use the Max I tighten the bolts a little more. Not the best option but it works. Other option for me is setting up another holster.
  9. This is my R1. Full disclosure, the first thing I did was installed an EGW ignition kit, changed the trigger and magwell to a Cheely. Changed the front sight too but that was a preference for a thinner sight.
  10. I have one and it’s a great gun. Unfortunately I believe they stopped making them.
  11. Tripp and Wilson Combat. Had some problems with the followers on the Tripp mags but once I contacted CS the sent me replacements and they have been working with no issues.
  12. Do you know the competitions that require that the 80 parts be functional? TIA
  13. Not sure what your preference is but gun broker has several Sig Sauer 1911's in 40SW at a very good price. I just picked up Sig Traditional Match Elite for a lot less than they're going for. They also have several Max Mitchel 1911's for a lot less than I paid for mine. Check them out.
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