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  1. I can tell you the trigger on the one I have fornsale is night and day better than when it was stock
  2. mike what is this part? 361-241-1091
  3. does anyone have a parts list, schematic and tool list to build a 2011 double stack any recommendations for parts Im building an open gun.... the goal anyway but it could change to a limited Thanks
  4. i can handle it all, im very confident and competent that way
  5. Hi and Good morning everyone Im building a 2011 open pistol, does anyone know of a link for a complete parts list to build it? recommendations on parts? i have the slide and frame already also any tool list same goes for a 1911 style build if this is in the wrong place i apologize
  6. Hello Tanfo world, as the topic says i have an issue with my new ( upgraded) tanfo witness limited custom. to start what i did by recommendations here and from others, was to take it apart and polish everything, and I can see why, the machining to me was awful from the factory. I'm a precision machinist and gunsmith by trade and I could not believe what I saw... anyway back to topic i have replaced the Hammer, sear, trigger and trigger bar ( mine was defective from the factory) and added a bolo ...so the brands are patriot defense, henning and tanfo extreme. I polished everything to a mirror and I mean mirror trigger is now less than 3 pounds, smooth and crisp shoots beautifully but the problem all of a sudden the trigger wont release the sear and it wont fire? reset it lift the sear on the back of the gun with a tiny ass screwdriver to raise the hammer, recock and it might fire... or not. I know its assembled correctly so what is going on in your opinion? i also need to know where the trigger spring( small leg goes? is it into the reset hole? any help would be great this is a limited pistol but not reliable enough for uspsa if no idea who do you think i should send it into for a look? thanks SPJ
  7. hey soCal, i have a mill and am a machinist but still need more info... is there a part number for the patriot defense hammer and sear set? i already bought the titam hammer and bolo so.....
  8. i have a M&P 5.25 comp model new in the box for sale if interested
  9. so in your opinion, ill get a shorter reset and better trigger without the FBG and using the EGW sear? if im assuming correctly is there anything else i need to do? and thanks for the wisdom, both of you
  10. i purchased a witness limited and it has custom on the slide... looks just like a limited took it apart for polishing purchased a sear from henning , the one that says for witness's and prepped by EGW the pistol came with a one piece sear but it has longer horns on it. like this picture the new one looks like this with no long horn
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