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  1. tl511

    New Open Gun

    Don't know how I missed it. Thanks.
  2. tl511

    New Open Gun

    Pardon my ignorance on this forum, but where does one find that here? I can't find a "Classified" section. Or is there another forum where people sell used guns?
  3. tl511

    New Open Gun

    Looks beautiful!! I will surely keep Matt in mind!!
  4. tl511

    New Open Gun

    Is there any way to see any of his guns? He doesn’t post them on his site and I haven’t found folks posting pics of them.
  5. So, I’m looking to get a 2011 open gun in the near future. I want to be around the $4k range. So far I’ve been told to look at CK Arms and Cheely. Anyone want to weigh in on best quality 2011 for this price range?
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