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  1. This has been a good thread for me as well. I have earned a lot.
  2. I had a PM9 but sold it. It is one of the few guns I wish I had kept. Oh well!
  3. I certainly am in no danger of winning anything so my opinion doesn't mean much. I am in the process of competing against myself to get better.
  4. This makes me realize how much I am lagging behind on my dry firing.
  5. It is nice to have validation. But I am still finding the adrenaline of competition and just trying to better myself good enough. Still, if I got good enough, it would be cool.
  6. I'm a newbie to all this. The rules are hard to pick up. Thanks for the explanations.
  7. 100 lbs. every 3 months is about how much I can salvage.
  8. Thanks. That sounds like a good first step. I will start studying the reloading board too.
  9. I also get a kick out of how many times people in the movies rack their slide.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I have been holding off because I really don't know that much about it yet. I am looking forward to learning though.
  11. I started counting shots in my head before I ever shot in a competition. Every time at the range I load variable round counts and try to clock them in head while shooting. Now I find myself subconsciously counting round while watching tv or movie action. It's amazing how many round some of them can take without changing mags.
  12. I have a nephew who is on an FBI swat team. He said the range where they train is also used by Seals and Deltas. The first time he saw it he said the ground looked odd. He realized that it was all brass. They don't collect it and so the ground is covered by around 2 feet of brass, everywhere.
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