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  1. I shoot 9 major and dont have any issues but it seems that most top shooters use 38sc. it should be more reliable but as others have said 9maj works great as long as its tuned properly, also pressures should be a little lower with 38sc and there are more options for powder. If money isn't a concern for you deffinitly 38sc but money is always a concern lol Like Joe4d said if your really looking to shoot with a dot, carry optics is a great cheap way to shoot with a dot. Open is a lot of fun but it can also be a lot of work and can be extremely expensive.
  2. I have my trigger set at 2 - 2 1/4 lbs and that feels good to me. I like a more positive reset that I have with the higher trigger weight and knowing that hammer follow wont be an issue. I've had my trigger down around 13oz and everywhere in between and from what I've noticed is trigger weight isn't all that important its how the trigger functions that matters. The only time it makes sense to me to have a sub 1lb trigger in a handgun is for bullseye shooting.
  3. Like Demp223 i really like the Peltor Tactical 500. I added the gel cup to mine which makes it even better.
  4. I just did some testing and from what I've seen there is a 10-15 fps average difference in hot and cold chrono readings. the one set of loads i had them down around 35-40f and the other rounds where around 75f. its not a huge difference and at least I know that its not inverse temp sensitive.
  5. I found a cover for the 510c its not a perfect fit but it does fit pretty good, its made by Scopecoat and is made for the eotech EXPS 2 or 3. This is the item number SCP12HE11BK i got it on amazon.
  6. I tried to get as good of a picture as i could of the brightness and sizes of the 510c vs DPP. The DPP is just a little bit brighter but not a ton but since it is brighter it gives a little bit more of a starburst look in the picture.
  7. Thanks I'll definitely be doing that
  8. loving my 510c the window is huge!! I'm using the TEvo Sports double sided mount, I went with the double sided mount since the 510c has a little bit of weight to it and the dot shouldn't wiggle around in the window as much. I've shot around 3-4k of 9mm major with it and so far its been running great but we'll see, though I think it will hold up fine. The other great thing is there only $270-280 shipped at least on optics planet they are right now.
  9. I've done some loads with the 115gr RN blue bullets 9.8gr AA#7 1.165oal fed small pistol primers That was giving me 168pf another load is 10.2gr AA#7 1.165oal Fed small pistol primers That was giving me around a 172pf Of course start lower than my loads and work up. I've also tried 125gr TC blue bullets and I prefer those over the 115's myself.
  10. On my old Akai limited 2011 .40 I tried the aluminum and egw shock buffs, on that gun it worked perfect no issues at all, I even tried using them both together so the egw would be be sandwiched between the recoil rod and the aluminum buffer and that also worked fine but in the end I only used the aluminum buffer my slide was also stroked otherwise im sure the two of them together wouldn't work on a non stroked slide. Now I have a 2011 9mm open and I tried the aluminum buffer and 6 out of 10 times it would cause the slide to lock back, i tried doing some fitting on it to see if i could get it to stop locking up the slide but that didnt really change anything, so now no buffer for me. I don't think the gun needs it anyways since when I had it in there I saw very little signs of it being hit hard at all.
  11. I'm using a 510c on my 9mm open and I have a sw22 victory for steel challenge and have a DPP on it. I've been thinking of selling the two DPP and buying 2 more 510c. I really like the 510c on my 9mm open and figure I'll probably like it on my .22 and it'll keep the two guns the same optic wise and I'll have a backup if either one of the optics go bad. I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to do it yet I'm just waiting to get done uspsa shooting this year and then I'll pull it off my 9mm and put it on the .22 and give it a try.
  12. I really like aa#7 for 9 major, I'm using 9.6gr 1.170oal 125gr zero jhp 173pf and as far as 115gr I've loaded to 10.2gr 1.150oal 115gr zero jhp but it was only at 167pf thats to close for me so ill need to go up a couple 10th's of a grain to get me around 170ish where id be happy to be at. 5.5in kkm no holes.
  13. My barrel must be a little slow i guess because i have a 5.5" kkm barrel no holes just the comp and with 10.2gr of aa#7 and 115gr zero jhp im only getting about 167pf if im remembering correctly
  14. I just tried 10.6gr of aa#7 in my press just to see what the spillage might be, and thankfully it had little to no spillage though I had just gotten a Hornady progressive press and had to do a couple things to smooth out the rotation of the shell plate because I was having a ton of spillage with 7.6gr of silhouette and after I did those couple things it had little to no spillage. I was really disappointed with the hornady when i first got it but now it works great.
  15. I had tried some loads using aa#7 with a 115gr and worked up to 10.2gr at 1.150 and it made about 166pf. I plan to work up a little more and as far as i can tell its still not compressed at 10.2gr. I cant say anything on feel yet i was just working up loads to get up to make pf. I hear a lot of people like 115's and i have about 400 115gr bullets left so ill be loading up more and compare them to the 125gr.
  16. I've tired AA#7, Silhouette, HS6, Autocomp and CFE pistol. I'm still pretty new to open and will need more time to figure out what works best but so far my favorite powders are AA#7 and Silhouette. I'm loading 7.6gr of Silhouette, 1.170oal, 125gr zero jhp and win small pistol primers its right around 172pf. 9.7gr AA#7, 1.170oal, 125gr zero jhp and win small pistol primers its right around 173pf. To me AA#7 shoots a little flatter than Silhouette but AA#7 has more concussion and a harder hit in the hand. AA#7 is pretty clean burning so far from what I've noticed and still not sure on Silhouette yet but I'll know better after this weekend. I'm also starting to mess around a little with 115gr bullets but dont really have any info or opinions for them yet.
  17. Yeah I'd say its between the rts2 and the DPP. I'm sure your gonna like it, that big window is nice to have especially when your a new shooter like me lol.
  18. Hey Don, Wish I knew that you where looking at getting the Holosun, I have one on my gun that you could have taken a look at. I met you on Saturday after the Steel Classic was over. So far I like it but I also have almost no experience with optics on pistols since I just started shooting open. I do have a little bit of experience with the DPP on .22lr open pistol and the Holosun is huge compared to it, the dot is just a little bit brighter on the DPP but its not a big difference.
  19. I'm apart of the minority here but I prefer a curved trigger, it just feels more comfortable to me. I've tried curved, flat and the ENOS curved trigger and they all felt good but the curved worked best for me. It really comes down to personal preference and if its possible I'd give them all a try before saying which one is the best for you.
  20. I bought 1)170, 1)155, and a 3)140's to get me going. after some practice and seeing what gave me the best results as reload speed and the benefit of the extra rounds. I've come to the conclusion at least for me I'm quicker and more comfortable reloading the 155 mags and the 3-4 extra rounds I get are a plus. only downside is that I wish I had bought 3)155's and only 1)140 lol
  21. I really like the Polaroid cube. its cheap, small and light weight easy to use and if it ever breaks I wont lose any sleep over it. I have mine attached to my hat using a tripod mount, since the tripod mount has a threaded hole in it i drilled a small hole in the brim of my hat and put a screw through it, i also stippled the bottom of the mount to help it bite into the hat and the camera isn't going anywhere. It also have the ability to tip the camera up or down to however i want it. You can also connect with an andoid device that has Wi-Fi and see what the camera sees so you can adjust where you want it and re-watch your videos.
  22. Ha, I just had 2 of these pouches delivered today and then I see this lol. Hopefully I wont have the same issue ?
  23. I've been thinking about it, its big yes but compared to the size of the window vs other optics I think its not a huge difference for what your gaining. honestly I think the c-mores slide ride look huge and the window is a decent size but still smaller than the 510c. Another plus would be the 510c uses standard 2032 batterys unlike the c-more and has solar option as well. I haven't actually looked through the 510c to see what the dot looks like and its brightness but if it looks about like a DPP I think I might be sold.
  24. I ordered the v2 a couple days ago, or at least i hope its the v2. it doesn't say on there website but the pics and description are of the v2. I also just got a pt evo grip, so once the new gun gets here ill be installing both of them. I'll post some pics and let you guys know what i t think of it.
  25. if your refering to the hollow points in Jersey yes its very bad, could be arrested if your found with them, and when i mean if your found with them you dont even need to have a gun on you it could just be some loose rounds in your car to get in big trouble. it's a really stupid law ?
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