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  1. smallgunparts.com sells legion slide assemblies as well as a lot of other sig parts, there prices are ok. You have to keep your eyes open though because once they get stuff in it usually doesnt last to long.
  2. It really doesn't matter its more personal preference I think. I don't like a super heavy gun myself somewhere in the 40-45oz range is pretty much the best feel for me. I have an open 2011 and its got a steel grip and without a mag is almost 60oz and I really don't like all that weight I wish it was closer to 50oz, I might switch to a plastic grip just because of the weight. All in all its not the weight thats gonna make a person a better shooter its the skill and practice put into it thats gonna make the difference.
  3. That's a cool idea, that'll be interesting to see how it works for you. I wish I had a mill and lathe, I took a 2yr vo-tech class for precision machinery when I was in high school that was the best course I had ever taken. Maybe one day I'll be able to get one but with the cost of shooting its definitely not gonna be anytime soon lol.
  4. sean_stw

    P320 x5 legion 40 s&w?

    From what I've heard the xd/xdm adjustable sights from dawson use the same dovetail and will work on the p320 though its gonna look a bit odd with the shape of the p320 slide and how it sits on the gun but will work. The front sight will need to be changed to a taller one but I dont know how tall
  5. yeah im sure thats not helping
  6. I'm in the same boat as you, ordered mine early January because I got a really good deal on it but still waiting for it. I didnt think that sig was this far behind in production
  7. sean_stw

    P320 x5 legion 40 s&w?

    It's even hard to find those and the conversion kits are discontinued and i think sig stopped making the full size 40sw
  8. sean_stw

    P320 x5 legion 40 s&w?

    I've wondered that myself it would be cool to shoot limited major with the p320 especially now since they came out with the tungsten grip. Seems though that sig has been discontinuing everything in 40sw. its popularity has been really going down over the years.
  9. Sounds like your heading in the right direction. The factory mags are pretty much the only option right now. I like the Taylor freelance +5 base pads they fit really good and are secure, the only downside is you need an allenwrench to take them off. I've tried the springer base pads and I really didnt like them they fit loose and the way they lock onto the mag is a really bad design. I like grams springs and followers they always worked good for me. I use 4 ghost 360 mag pouches the double alpha racer pouches are a great option too.
  10. The capacitor isnt quite the same as a battery it will hold a charge for a little bit but if its a partly cloudy day for instance the dot will change brightness as it goes in and out of sunlight. with it on its just like a auto adjust red dot. For competition its not ideal but usable if you have no other option. I also wouldnt worry about battery life either. I've had the same battery for a couple years in my 510c and it was still working, I just changed it before a major match just in case but im sure even if I hadn't change it it would keep going through all this season too.
  11. I agree with that, the solar function isnt great to begin with but it does work and i would only use it if I had no other option. I really wish holosun would get rid of the solar function so they could make the 510c a bit smaller thats the only complaint i have with it.
  12. True it shouldnt be a huge deal just if it stopped working during a match it would suck to have to rezero it during the match, but cool thing with the 510c is the solar backup so you would still have that option to fall back on if needed
  13. If you mount the 510c horizontally you wont be able to change the battery without taking it off the mount, unless you are able to make a mount that will give you access to the battery tray. Also the horizontal adjustment will be facing down towards the mount but that shouldn't be as much of an issue, only need a small hole in the mount to adjust that.
  14. Ambi for me pretty much just for weak hand shooting. I buy shielded safeties that are extra wide and contour them to fit my hand
  15. For me its watching how they shoot the stage not really the speed per say, I've always shot faster than i should anyways lol. its mainly when a higher class shooter shoots before me. I figure there stage plan is better because there a better shooter so that makes me question my stage plan and i end up forgeting things. I will still try to shoot with better shooters than me anyways because in the end i learn a lot from them. I've been getting better though to not get effected by the people shooting before me. I just concentrate pretty hard on not forgeting the harder parts of a stage and usually that blocks out the shooter before me.
  16. I was origonally going to do the two 3/16" popples because of what binary said and also what i heard most other people saying. I had read through a lot of threads and i just didnt see anything that had talked about the smaller to larger popples in particular. Like you said though really it's all shooter preference, just because one person likes it one way doesnt mean everybody else will.
  17. Make the gun shoot flatter and possibly lose less gas initially since the smaller holes are closer to the chamber, and near the end of the barrel it opens up with the bigger hole where it can dump more gas and not lose as much velocity but still give some added bennifit to making the gun shoot flat. Like how the binary comp has the smaller 2 ports near the muzzle and has one larger port at the front. Idk if im right but with a lose in pressure you need more volume to accomplish a similar effect as the lower volume but higher pressure. Maybe the gun shooting flatter isnt exactly what I mean but maybe just more efficient, less powder to get the same effect. One big reason I'm thinking about it is im using a commander length barrel and would like not to have to fill the crap out of the 9mm case but id like the gun to shoot as flat as i can get it.
  18. I'm gonna have a shorty slide built for my 2011 and I was thinking about getting two 3/16" popple holes put in the barrel. Last night though I started to think about having staggered holes like say two 1/8" in the barrel and then maybe a 3/16" near the end of the barrel where the comp and barrel are threaded together. I looked around and I couldn't find anything talking about it. I'm sure it's been done but does anybody have any info or experience with doing that? I'm expecting that there's no real bennifit to doing it since I couldn't find anything about it.
  19. Its addictive, i shot open all of 2018 and the beging of 2019 and in the middle of last year i tried carry optics just to see what it was like and was thinking of going to CO and getting out of open. mainly because of how simple it is and to have a back up gun was a lot cheaper. I liked it and did pretty good at it, but the last couple matches last year i went back to open and there is absolutely no way im getting out of open lmao
  20. this is how my trigger is setup on my 2011 open gun. Its actually setup with a little less pre-travel than I normally run for uspsa and the trigger is a bit lighter also at 1lb 9oz but the last match of the year for me was a falling steel match where i didnt have to draw from a holster or run around. usually i like my trigger 2 1/4 - 2 1/2lbs for uspsa.
  21. to little pre-travel, for safety and reliability its not enough. pre-travel has very little to do with how fast you can shoot, a short defined reset is number one followed very closely to a clean break and weight is last in my opinion.
  22. I did my regular x5 grip and it was pretty easy. It's all in the prep, I scuff up the area that I want the grit to be and tape off that area and also make sure there isn't any oils on that area before putting the epoxy on. Mix up the epoxy really good and I used a small foam brush to put it on, and then started to sprinkle on the carbide grit. I did multiple pass on it and also kind of lightly patted the grit into the epoxy and kept applying more grit to the grip and that seemed to work good for me. I used 60/90 grit but I would have liked it to be a little bit more coarse. I picked up some more from amazon thats 46/70 instead and I plan to do a legion grip at some point soon. I did practice before on some other cheap grips before hand and I think its a great idea if its your first time.
  23. I bought a 2.0 to see how it is and unfortunately the dot is not very bright, I tried other batteries too just to make sure it didn't have something to do with that and there was no difference. The 510c, vortex viper 6moa and venom 6moa are all noticeably brighter than the 2.0. The glass on the 2.0 is very clear though and the window size is decent.I wish the dot was just a little brighter because it would be almost unbeatable compared to the competition at under $200.
  24. texasdawg were you able to get out and shoot your gun with the popples and see how it felt?
  25. Funny thing you mentioned you where thinking of stroking the tanfo because I did that to the one I had. I took .250" off the slide but to me it didn't really seem to make a noticeable difference. I finally gave up on the tanfo though after fighting with the mag issues for months and could never get them to run even 75% of the time so I traded the tanfo for an akai 2011 limited gun and that got me into 2011's. I now have a 9mm 2011 open gun and have been pretty happy with it, less issues more capacity and a lot more support. I still prefer the feel of the tanfo though lol
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