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  1. I also had to remove material from the gun and magwell to blend them together smoothly. There is a bit of adjustment you can get with loosening the bolt and pushing the magwell where you want it.
  2. Well truth be told Ive prob only shot 5k-7k this year. Last year I shot a lot more but I really don't use that much. Just a quick fog over the brass, shake the bin and another quick fog. Thats it.
  3. I use One Shot on pistol brass. I spray it on while its in my clean bin after tumbling. Its worked so well for me and is easy Ive had no reason to try anything else for pistol brass. Ive had the same can for the last 2 years also!
  4. Just got mine with a born date of 8/2018. Unfired its just over 5lbs in the center of the trigger shoe. It feels a lot nicer than my 320 that I got back from recall that has polished FCU.
  5. Ok. I thought they swapped them out with a updated lighter trigger shoe for both the curved and flat triggers. I guess its just the curved triggers that got swapped out. Thanks!
  6. For the guys taking the springs out of their mags, what's the reason? So you dont lose rounds when dropping mag?
  7. Ive heard that Pivothead is of no more? Not 100% sure but Im pretty sure Ive heard that so you might want to look into that before you buy any more in case you have any warranty issues with them. Ive seen people use Aimcam Glasses and they look ok.
  8. When I first started out I used empty mags and felt good with my reloads. During matches not so much. I started dry firing with loaded mags to capacity (depending on division I'm shooting) by loading up dummy rounds with no powder or primers that I keep in a separate container. I think it makes a big difference.
  9. Dang! I thought my $699 X5 was good deal!!
  10. I started with a Ultrasonic. While it worked ok, It was a lot more work to get the brass clean. Ive switched to tumbling with dry crushed corn cob media. It gets them plenty clean enough for me and is a lot less work.
  11. Ive used Xtreme for the last few years as far as plated goes and have not had 1 issue.
  12. So I got my 320 back a bit ago from Sig . I was using a 320x flat trigger in before the upgrade. I swapped the stock curved one before sending out. Last night I finally started dry firing again with it and really not happy with the upgraded curved trigger feel. I swapped the pre upgrade 320x flat trigger in and it felt more to my liking. Any reason I can't run that shoe in there? I haven't test fired it yet but so far it seems like its functioning fine. I understand about the weight mass reduction of the newer trigger shoes. Anyone else running pre upgrade trigger shoes in a post upgrade guns?
  13. Haha! Ive had that happen to me as well and forgot to mention that! After switching to a shell plate bearing it took some ejector wire massaging. Good call
  14. I had this same problem with cases catching on the resizing die. I cleaned the shell slider and indeed it had a burr in it from a double feed (Again same issue as you with the plastic case feeder insert). That fixed most of the issues but I also found the case wasn't getting seated far enough into the shell plate. I adjusted it to go in farther just a very very small amount and that's all it took. I haven't had a issue in the last 5k Ive loaded.
  15. Ill pick them over Federals. I don't have a finicky gun so I can use anything. I tried federals once and I did crush a few loading them but that was on a LnL. Im loading on a Dillon now so that might not be a issue. Ive loaded primarily Winchester since then and haven't had any issues.
  16. Ive tried it. It's OK. I must have had a weird batch or something cause my deviations were all over the place. I started loading .40 with Titegroup, tried N320, and just recently have been using HP38. I know its pretty close / same as W231. I didn't find much difference between the 3 other than Titegroup being the dirtiest. For me I prob wouldn't buy it again.
  17. I also I have a very low basement ceiling height. Due to my bench height my case feeder is 3" below the bottom of the rafters. I load the case feeder in between the rafters. Being that its low I have a bar type stool that I kind of halfway sit on it. I have one foot on the ground and that allows me to seat primers good. Im on my feet all day so sitting is nice.
  18. TSO is a very nice pistol. It does seem like a lot of people eventually switch to a 2011 platform after shooting in Limited for a while. While its not a TSO I shot a Tanfoglio Limited .40 in Limited this year. Was a blast to shoot but moving back to production. If I were going to stay in Limited Id switch to a 2011 platform.
  19. I have my stuff in my basement which is pretty damp down there and things will flash rust quickly. I started spraying my presses with One Shot in a pinch being lazy and it has helped considerably. Not sure if its the best long term but in a pinch it works good.
  20. Definitely looking forward to getting into a X5 from what Im hearing. I always felt my P320 handled and balanced well. Seems like the X5 juice is worth the squeeze!
  21. This ^^^. Thats what I was kinda leaning to as just a sear spring and trigger spring with a polish job will give you great results on a Limited.
  22. From what Ive read here and there its been scheduled to come out in last 1/4 of 2017! lol
  23. Im getting a consistent 2.5lb out of my Limited with just springs from PD and polishing. Still have the stock sear and hammer. I am using the Extreme semi flat trigger but I didn't think that lends anything to a reduced pull. What was the trigger weight before you did the work? I thought they came around a 3.5lb wish trigger stock?
  24. I started with grip tape, then went to stippling looking for grip. I then went to silicone carbide. Really love the amount of grip that provides. You def have to nail your grip the first time though.
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