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  1. I have my stuff in my basement which is pretty damp down there and things will flash rust quickly. I started spraying my presses with One Shot in a pinch being lazy and it has helped considerably. Not sure if its the best long term but in a pinch it works good.
  2. ninjaboot

    Is a 320X5 worth the upgrade over 320?

    Definitely looking forward to getting into a X5 from what Im hearing. I always felt my P320 handled and balanced well. Seems like the X5 juice is worth the squeeze!
  3. This ^^^. Thats what I was kinda leaning to as just a sear spring and trigger spring with a polish job will give you great results on a Limited.
  4. ninjaboot

    P320 X5 Caliber X Change Kits-Reality or??!

    From what Ive read here and there its been scheduled to come out in last 1/4 of 2017! lol
  5. Im getting a consistent 2.5lb out of my Limited with just springs from PD and polishing. Still have the stock sear and hammer. I am using the Extreme semi flat trigger but I didn't think that lends anything to a reduced pull. What was the trigger weight before you did the work? I thought they came around a 3.5lb wish trigger stock?
  6. ninjaboot

    Grip amount

    I started with grip tape, then went to stippling looking for grip. I then went to silicone carbide. Really love the amount of grip that provides. You def have to nail your grip the first time though.
  7. ninjaboot

    Nemo Monark Pistol

    Also reminds me of a Ruger
  8. ninjaboot

    Range Bag

    I also run a Midway Competition bag. Had it for a year and it’s held up very good. Tons of room. I think it’s a great buy.
  9. ninjaboot

    Stipple or Talon grips?

    I stippled my 320 grip and it worked great but I was looking for more grip. I ended up doing a silicone carbide (glue n grit). It’s way better than my stippled grip. I didn’t want to deal with the grip tape falling off either that’s why I went With the Glue n Grit. The best part about the 320 is you can always buy another grip if it doesn’t turn out and your out maybe $40.
  10. ninjaboot

    Is a 320X5 worth the upgrade over 320?

    Im pretty sure Ive made up my mind and going to pick one up. Ill keep my 320F as a Production back up if needed. I will change it over to the X5 grip to get it close to my primary.
  11. Ive never let the loctite dry before. I do let it sit for a minute or 2 before installing. Ill have to give that a try if they come loose next time. Thanks
  12. ninjaboot

    Best silicone carbide application video?

    I used the Alma Cole video on Youtube to guide me through mine. Great vid!
  13. I actually ran scales when I first got it and I had the worst time keeping those tight. I did use a industrial grade metal super glue to try to keep them from moving but it lasted 1 match. Those grips were too small for me anyway and switched to glue and grit factory wood grips and they have been much much better but still come loose after a while. Maybe its just operator error? Lol
  14. ninjaboot

    Is a 320X5 worth the upgrade over 320?

    Awesome I appreciate the input!
  15. ninjaboot

    Is a 320X5 worth the upgrade over 320?

    On the fence about this one. I shot limited all this year but will be moving back to production for next year and was planning on shooting my 320 again. I just got it back from Sig for the recall work and plan on putting a GG comp trigger in as well as buying a X5 grip module. My question is, is the X5 worth the upgrade? I do like the optic plate and rear sight combo option (I hate the small rear P320 sight). Does the gun track and handle that much better? I have shot 10rds out of one last year and it wasn't enough to form a opinion on it. Just not sure it will be worth it to upgrade to the X5 ?