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  1. Personally went through 4 RTS2s last year in 7 months. From broken glass, (not warranted) to loss of connectivity. Another open shooter down here went through as many. Went back to slide rides. so yeah, 3gunDQ has it right. Maybe they made all those on Fridays.
  2. Old thread, but couldn't help myself. I use this line every time somebody hits a no shoot in the head... "You shot Marvin in the face!" Pulp Fiction
  3. And these. It's all about living in the moment. (note I didn't say "for the moment")
  4. "Love the pitcher less, and the water more". Sufi Saying I like this one to remind me it's all about the process.
  5. 115gr MG JHP at 1.100 oal and 4.0gr TG. Coming in at 131PF out of my NCPCC 16". Flawless running round.
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