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  1. It looks like he's gone back to a home build. He was sponsored by Limcat but has been shooting with anything but. Based on the videos on his IG looks like Foxtrot Mike lower with a Frankenbuild upper. His mentioned in his IG he was using a smokescomposite handguard.
  2. I have a Stern defense block on a lower as a back up. The mag release takes a little getting used to but it works pretty good.
  3. Foxtrot Mike also makes some great pccs, their forward side charger is pretty great, you don't have to break your grip to manipulate the action. You can find them complete with their lower but if you want to use a different lower their complete uppers are pretty well priced and frequently on sale at Brownells and Primary Arms. Their customer service is great too.
  4. I have it using the Taccom3g buffer with short stroke kit. It works OK but I have had issues. the screw that keeps the secondary buffer together and connected to the cap would always come loose. Also I feel like the secondary buffer negates some short stroke effects. So another shooter that was running it on his Limcat showed me that he just installed pistol buffer tube instead with the Odin stock piece and it ran way better for him. I just replaced mine with a pistol tube and hopefully will try it out this weekend then at a local match next weekend.
  5. So digressing back to the original question and based on what has been gleaned from these posts, since you are shooting factory ammo you might want to consider round nose ammo. When I had the issue there was a time I was switch back and forth from the 150 syntech which I was trying out and reloads, but can't remember if that's when I had issues. (Getting old). Flat nosed profile may cause issues but it should be remedied by smoothing out some of the internal surfaces a little (cant stress enough little). I smoothed out the back part where the halves meet and a little of the inner polymer r
  6. Yep, luckily I had a buddy that gave me the skinny on the Shadow 2 before I got into reloading and I've been using Bayou Bullets 135 RN ever since. Sent from my BTV-W09 using Tapatalk
  7. Yes I was running reloads, OAL 1.24, based on the responses to the post maybe might have been too tight. But it was the same OAL that I ran for my S2 too, it didn't seem to mind. I haven't had any hiccups since I cleaned up the inside a little. Sent from my BTV-W09 using Tapatalk
  8. You should be fine. Sent from my BTV-W09 using Tapatalk
  9. Oh and I forgot to add, with longer extensions I have found smoothing out the interior is a good idea. Doesn't matter which ones mbx or Taylor, I've had the spring bind up on both out of the box, but nothing a little smoothing out didn't cure. I am sure it also would have broken in eventually if I had did nothing, but the worst time for you to have feeding issues is during a match, which is what happened to me. I didn't have this issue with the TTI. Sent from my BTV-W09 using Tapatalk
  10. I first started out with the MBX then got the Goliath then got a tti just to compare. I have found both the Goliath and the TTI are great. It's really a matter of preference and how many rounds you want to carry during a stage depending on the rules (USPSA, outlaw, uml, etc). What got me to try get the Goliath was reports of the mag and extension snapping off on the MBX extensions because there was no support at the base where they meet. The metal stops short from the base and it's just polymer at the base where the extension is mounted. The great thing about the Goliath and the TTI is th
  11. Maybe an updated design to help prevent the pin from snapping? When mine snapped it was right where the step pin is. Sent from my BTV-W09 using Tapatalk
  12. It's a Limcat so it's pretty slick. The upper is well balanced and beautiful. The ones I've seen shot very well, the sponsored guys sent Johnny their lowers andhe made the uppers and cerakoted the assembled rifles together to match. It looks like Max is running the same lower. It's a beautiful pcc and max signing up with Limcat is a huge get. I'm sure max had no shortage of companies knocking on door to shoot their stuff. I like the barrel set up a lot more than your normal short N shrouded barrel. It seem like the 10" with pinned comp is a winner. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  13. To digress, FoxTrot Mike makes a ready to go upper that is CA compliant with a comp for a decent price. Primary arms and Brownells carries them and you'll be hard pressed to find a complete upper with BCG for a better price. Sent from my BTV-W09 using Tapatalk
  14. Not just Richmond, if you get out Davis (Yolo Sportsmen) or Linden (near Stockton) you'll see a lot of the same guys going to the matches at these places. I know Almaden Valley has a club but they don't have matches in the winter. The NorCal PCC Championship is even coming up in June @ Richmond. Resurgent was just announced as a sponsor.
  15. Another option that has been popping up as of late has been the Ruger PC Carbine. Sent from my BTV-W09 using Tapatalk
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