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  1. The limited sister that was born first.
  2. New shorty 9 from Tripp Research. Virgil is building again.
  3. I've never tried to run a heavy 9mm bullet to Major - I've heard that it will not work the comp as well as a lighter bullet. I'm interested in your comparison of lighter and heavier Major PF bullets in 9mm with a comp. Does the heavier bullet make the muzzle rise more, faster or slower, than a lighter bullet (I'm using 124 gr with 6.9 gr WAC)? I ran jacketed 124s at 1380 vs these coated 147s at 1160 and my bill drills and prez times are right on each other on my range here. Doesn't seem to be a factor for me personally.
  4. I load 5.3 of auto comp behind a bayou 147. 170 pf with a 5 inch poppled 9mm from FGW with the new cheely comp. Brass and primers look great too. A little case lube in the comp before and after and good to go. Love it and very clean.
  5. 10 mm mags. Everything done to mine was just to make it mine. It was a winner out of the box and the trigger was nice too. Right at 3 lbs if I remember right, it's dropped a little since new.
  6. Like Mark K I got one of the first batch too. Found out about them while talking to Travis at the Alabama sectional. I was at the FGW shop when I took possession so mine got a cosmetic makeover. We tri topped it and added a Dawson mag well. I got it home and gave it a light bead blast to get a nice matte stainless finish and added red white and blue VZ grips. I just like silver guns and the stainless was easy to work with. I did have to shorten my ammo at first to 1.135 to get it to run the Tripp 10 rd mags, but once it loosened up it runs anything. Solid gun, great price, and Travis had a lot of input. The gun is amazing. Will try to post a pic later.
  7. Somebody just got a slot. I cancelled this weekend. I'm here tonight laying in a hospital, had hip surgery today after a back surgery 3 weeks ago. Had the top of the femur reworked, the socket deepened, and torn labrum tissue repaired. Hip and thigh brace along with crutches and PT for a month, no weight on the right leg at all for a month. 2-3 months of more PT after that. I'm actually happy in a weird way because I've had trouble with severe back pain for years now and somebody finally figured out what the root cause of the problem was after the hip started to seize after the back surgery. Good luck to all and enjoy yourselves, whoever got my slot in the last 3 days you'd better win! I'd love to know who it is!
  8. I played with one several years ago, with a Glock factory rep. I seem to recall it was a 17 rd mag body. Lots of fun because this one was under a G 18!
  9. DMH

    Sanding a glock

    If you have access to an upright belt sander that's the best way to go. I've done it a few times, not hard and looks/feels really nice if you re-texture lightly with a soldering gun or a wood burning tool.
  10. What kind of lengths are you running? 1.185 oal
  11. I like 3.6 gr of Clays under a Bayou Bullet 200gr. No problem if you work up slowly and load long, brass is normally shot and lost, but still no bulging and primers look great, no flattening or pressure signs. CCI primers for me at this point. Getting ready to work up a load with ramshot competition in a few weeks when I'm up to it. In a glock you may be pushing to the limit on pressure.
  12. Primer pockets do get loose too. Seen that happen more than I can mention. Depending on the press you load on you can feel a difference.
  13. My 10 year old just started. She has a ruger 22/45 lite, with a C more. She shoots at home and at an indoor practice range. It's a great way to learn gun handling, and she DRILLS the targets and drops next to nothing in points. Of course speed comes later, but she is having fun and is a terror on steel stages. She starts from low ready, engages the safety before the mag changes, and walks. I'm thrilled!
  14. Saw it done with granite years ago. It looked great but cracked within a month and the guy was ticked. I like wood with outdoor carpet on top, prevents stuff rolling off.
  15. I know a gunsmith here that just got one for himself a few weeks ago. He did tweak a few bits to his liking but was impressed with it. I was too. Guess it's hit or miss but this sample was put together well.
  16. I had one of the early RF primer machines. It got to where it constantly jammed, even with new parts installed twice, all free from dillon. I boxed it up less than a month ago and shipped it back with a note asking for it to be looked at and then contacted for payment for the repair or replacement. Today out of the blue fed-ex drops off a completely rebuilt unit, with the new rheostat addition installed. It works great, and all at no charge! Those folks are amazing.
  17. Fed-ex here sucks too. My UPS driver is great and local depot is close if needed.
  18. DMH

    Freedom Gunworks

    As is everything else. I've got all kinds of parts on backorder for folks on this end. Everyone is at the mercy of supply, which is why FGW is investing so much time and effort to make the products we're depending on. You can't build with parts you don't have but it will get better, this type of thing always drives innovation.
  19. DMH

    Bayou Bullets

    my m&ps and glocks love the 135's with super field. Just under 4 grains, give or take by barrel length and brand. Was in the shop there Monday, he's cranking out as much as he can.
  20. As a teacher this makes me sick. Attacking the helpless while I look at my own kids in class today makes me realize just how bad it could be, because we can't protect ourselves in this career. Give him to the parents.
  21. Actually it's Cerakote. Great stuff if you want special colors. Thanks Greg!
  22. When in doubt pick up the phone. No intent can ever be truly discovered online. This is why I read often and post seldom and am not on facebook. It's best to talk to people one to one, man to man in my opinion.
  23. I throw mine in the tumbler a few times a year, works great!
  24. I use it every year in my chemistry classes, it helps build reasoning skills. Usually about 70% can get it.
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