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  1. You have my deepest sympathy, and I am sorry for your loss. I still grieve for great dogs I have lost - some gone for several decades now... You are doing the right thing though - remembering the good times, and look forward to seeing him again in Heaven!
  2. They may have been expensive, but they seem to be sold out!
  3. Look at the date of that article - 2014!
  4. Ken6PPC


    Any H&G 68 style SWC and 1.250" O.A.L. length for 45 ACP has always worked well for me as well. Naturally, some H&G 68 style bullets are better than others... My 45 pistols prefer softer bullets than what some manufacturers sell. Properly sized, soft lead does NOT lead your barrel. It is hard to beat Zero bullets. http://www.rozedist.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=RZD&Category_Code=ZSB-45ACP (Haven't tried the Zero SWHP's though.)
  5. 3*F here just north of Cinci this morning... The snow on the ground isn't likely to go away soon.!
  6. I really thought I wanted one in 22 LR too, until I checked out the ballistics... https://northamericanarms.com/ballistics/ None of these are very impressive, but the 22 LR and 22 Short are both... well, sad! I found a used one in 22 MAG with a 1-5/8" barrel and a Holster Grip for a good price, and satisfied my itch for a NAA. LOL! I admit that it would be a very bad day if I ever had to even consider using any of these for defense... So, perhaps the ballistics are moot! Still, I like it!
  7. If you pay for two years when you rejoin, you will get a certificate right away.
  8. My vote goes to the G48 or G43X as a carry gun. Coupled with Shield Arms magazines, you get a thin, light weight pistol, and high capacity as well. I am very happy with mine!
  9. Ken6PPC

    Shield Arms

    I have two of these magazines. They drop free, lock the slide open after the last round, and I have not had any failures. I ordered the extra power magazine springs, but I haven't put them in yet. Why mess with something that works? I am very happy with my Shield Arms S15 mags! Also, I agree that an extended capacity G43 mag would be great!
  10. Oh yeah... Be sure no nickled cases are in with your brass. Nickle seems to react to the Lemi Shine.
  11. You are probably using too much Lemi Shine. Mine come out best when I use no more than a 45 ACP case full. I also try to be sure I rinse the brass well before exposing it to air.
  12. Well, THAT sure is ugly! I'd probably just go back to Blue or Precision, since you didn't have issues with them. I shoot a lot of 0.356" Blues, and I NEVER have seen my barrels look like that one... .
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