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  1. I stay logged in on my personal PC, but not if I log on through a computer used by others. I like it that way! Oh yeah.... Chrome here!
  2. If the Encore did not come with a rifle stock, perhaps it would have been listed as a receiver on the transfer documentation and on the 4473. That would have allowed it to be used as a rifle or a pistol, depending upon configuration. However, if it was shipped with a rifle stock, whoever listed it as a pistol was incorrect.
  3. Since your Encore Pro Hunter started as a RIFLE, your LGS did not have the option to list it as a pistol. Simply calling a Ford a Chevy doesn't change how it was manufactured. As I understand it, because your Encore was manufactured as a rifle, it had to have been transferred to your LGS as a rifle as well. That rifle cannot ever be a pistol legally!
  4. Ken6PPC

    CZ for IDPA SSP

    The Accu Bushing does not make the SP-01 Shadow illegal for IDPA, but it does make the pistol ESP instead of SSP. Also, SSP has to start hammer down for any DA/SA pistols.
  5. Yeah, but the reality is....
  6. It's awful! Forward it to me for "proper disposal"! LOL!!!
  7. BTW, I had one eight pounder of GI 8208 that deteriorated to the point of having rusty residue in it and became acrid-smelling. Scattered it on the lawn for fertilizer. Deteriorated powder can become less potent, or can change burn rates - neither of which is good. Stored in reasonable conditions - no excessive heat or humidity - smokeless powder will probably outlive the original purchaser, and black powder is known to last 200 years!
  8. Some powder from WWII still works well... I have used some! Smell it and look at it. If it doesn't burn your nose or look rusty, it is OK. Is it as good as it was when new? I dunno...
  9. Why are you saying the SRO is more reliable? It hasn't been out long enough to have much history behind it. Some tests have indicated that it is quite fragile...
  10. 58 Chevy, right? You are indeed blessed to still be here!
  11. What a cool story! Thank you for sharing that...
  12. Ken6PPC

    Unusual malfunction.

    And, make certain you are not dragging your thumb on the slide... (as Yondering said...)
  13. Ken6PPC

    Unusual malfunction.

    Change back to the OLD ones, and see if the problem goes away...
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