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  1. Yeah, but the reality is....
  2. It's awful! Forward it to me for "proper disposal"! LOL!!!
  3. BTW, I had one eight pounder of GI 8208 that deteriorated to the point of having rusty residue in it and became acrid-smelling. Scattered it on the lawn for fertilizer. Deteriorated powder can become less potent, or can change burn rates - neither of which is good. Stored in reasonable conditions - no excessive heat or humidity - smokeless powder will probably outlive the original purchaser, and black powder is known to last 200 years!
  4. Some powder from WWII still works well... I have used some! Smell it and look at it. If it doesn't burn your nose or look rusty, it is OK. Is it as good as it was when new? I dunno...
  5. Why are you saying the SRO is more reliable? It hasn't been out long enough to have much history behind it. Some tests have indicated that it is quite fragile...
  6. 58 Chevy, right? You are indeed blessed to still be here!
  7. What a cool story! Thank you for sharing that...
  8. Ken6PPC

    Unusual malfunction.

    And, make certain you are not dragging your thumb on the slide... (as Yondering said...)
  9. Ken6PPC

    Unusual malfunction.

    Change back to the OLD ones, and see if the problem goes away...
  10. Ken6PPC

    Unusual malfunction.

    Does your slide lock to the rear when you fire your last shot? If not, and I'm guessing from the pics, your slide is not going fully to the rear, or it is cycling too quickly to allow the next round to fully rise up before the slide slams forward. I wouldn't think that a 15# recoil spring would cause that, but perhaps your recoil spring rod is preventing full slide cycling, or the recoil spring is too long (or too strong). Try an OEM recoil spring and rod and see if your problem goes away.
  11. My Venom on my Gen 3 19 / Gen 4 23 milled frankengun shows signs of getting beat up a little... No biggie though.
  12. Another option is to buy an aftermarket slide for your pistol that has already been milled... Like one of these: https://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/slide-parts/slides/rmr-cut-slide-for-glock-34-prod125167.aspx?avs|Make~~Model_1=Glock__34 http://primarymachine.com/glock-ucc-basic-slide-w-internals/ Lots of other choices out there as well...
  13. Some more thoughts... If you strip a thread in the plate system, you just buy a new plate. If you strip a thread in the slide, it has to be drilled out and re-tapped, or worse. The milled slide looks "neater" because the pocket is milled JUST for the optic you are using. If you DO decide to have the slide milled, make sure whoever does the machine work understands the correct angle to mill it, and leaves "bosses" for the optic to index one. Makes it more secure, IMO.
  14. Milled slide allows the dot to be mounted closer to the bore, and is easier to get "used to". MOS allows you to mount different red dots if you change your mind later about the brand of optic you want to run. End of the day, you make your choice, and pay your money. There is no one "RIGHT ANSWER"! If there was, it would be much easier, huh?
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