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  1. It isn't easy to kill primers! I got some old primers at a garage sale with some other "stuff", and I wanted to get rid of, because I thought they were too old to be reliable. They came in tiny little wooden boxes, so I had NO IDEA how they had been stored, but the boxes looked like they had a hard life... Judging by the tiny wooden boxes, they had to be more than 50 years old! Anyway, I didn't want to use them and I didn't think I should just throw them in the trash, so I tried various methods to destroy them. Motor oil, penetrating oil, alcohol, water, and various solvents proved ineffective to kill them. They would still fire when hit with a hammer on top of a vice. Finally, I found that soaking in a jar of water for a week or so did result in them firing with a little less "bang" than before. I decided to stop worrying about them, and just loaded the rest up. They worked fine!
  2. If it is new (and it sounds like it is...), send it back to Kimber! They will make it right for you. (Yeah, they should have the first time...)
  3. I had a similar situation. Pistol ran fine for ~1000 rounds, and then started having light strikes. My problem turned out to be a defective firing pin spring that didn't keep the impact end of the firing pin back far enough. A new spring held the firing pin further to the rear, with more sticking out of the firing pin stop. This allowed more hammer energy to be transferred to the firing pin, curing the light strikes. Check to see if the firing pin extends further through the rear of the firing pin stop when you hold the muzzle up than when it is muzzle down. If it does, you need a new firing pin spring. There was a batch of bad reduced power firing pin springs out a while back. They would take a "set" after some use, and then would not keep the firing pin spring back far enough. If your firing pin measures longer than 2.480", you already have an extended firing pin.
  4. The way I believe the rule was intended, replacing the slide will NOT change the fact that the frame was manufactured with a firing pin block. It does not matter that the firing pin block feature was eliminated by changing the slide, that pistol was intended to have a FPB. Therefore, it would STILL be an illegal modification to remove/disable the FPB. The only way to adhere to the rule is to start out with a frame and slide that was manufactured without a FPB to start with! However, I also must quote the section of 8.1.8 E which states, "1911 series 80 frames may be used with series 70 slides or vice versa" seems to allow swapping out the slide to bypass the FPB feature. That would actually contradict the first part of 8.1.8 E! So, it isn't really very clear...
  5. That is incorrect for IDPA. Disabling any safety device is not allowed in ANY division. See section 8.1.8, copied below: 8.1.8 Non-IDPA-Legal Features and Modifications for All Divisions The following features and modifications are not allowed in any division unless otherwise specifically allowed in the rulebook. A. Compensators of any type including hybrid or ported barrels. B. Add-on weights. This includes (but is not limited to) weighted magazines, tungsten guide rods, brass magazine wells, weighted grips, and weighted grip plugs. C. Heavy and/or cone style barrels without a barrel bushing except as allowed in ESP, CCP, BUG and CDP divisions with length restrictions. D. Sights of non-standard configuration (ghost rings, Bo-Mar ribs, etc.). E. Disconnecting or disabling of any safety device including (but not limited to): manual safeties, grip safeties, firing pin, striker, and hammer blocking safeties, 1911 series 80 firing pin safeties, 1911 Swartz safeties. 1911 series 80 frames may be used with series 70 slides or vice versa. Revolver actions may not be modified so that the hammer can fall when the cylinder is open.
  6. Yeah, I hear you. BUT, the P-51 in that movie didn't even have any rocket launchers on the wings. If it had hit the tank with a bomb, the plane would have been far past the tank when the bomb hit. It had to have used a rocket to have enough power to kill the tank, plus hit in front of the plane. I'm probably WAY over-thinking this.... LOL!
  7. ...although, I have to add, P-47's were called "Tank Busters", NOT P-51's. The plane that flew in from behind the tank was clearly a P-51 though...
  8. In "Saving Private Ryan", Capt. Miller was shooting at the tank with his pistol when the tank blew up, and he was confused about what had happened for a moment. Then when the plane came into view overhead, he realized what had happened, and said, "Tank Busters". A P-51 "tank buster" had flown in from behind and destroyed the tank. Capt. Miller realized with the air support from the P-51's, they were saved from certain defeat! Of course, Capt. Miller himself was already dying by that time...
  9. I do have other pistols, including a second SP-01 AccuShadow and a Shadow 2. Forgot to add that I would probably shoot this primarily in IDPA. I could buy another complete pistol, if that is a better option. I had rather not go that way though, unless there is a big advantage to doing so. Wish they would release the S2 Optic version here in the US, and it would make IDPA CO weight... Yeah, I know it isn't released here yet and it doesn't make weight.
  10. I am considering having my SP-01 Shadow milled for optics, and I am looking for opinions. Should I have it milled by CZC with mounting plates, or milled for direct mounting? I know it can be a little lower to the bore if I have it directly mounted, but how much advantage is this really? It would be nice to be able to switch a plate and go back to iron sights with the plates... What say the experts? Thanks in advance for any replies!
  11. Well, it doesn't matter because I am not shooting USPSA with this pistol anyway... Thought I might, someday... I was more interested in finding out if it would work, before I invested money in the aftermarket slide.
  12. I think I will start to worry about this when I think I am getting close to winning the Nationals...
  13. Update: I bought a Venom red dot sight, a Gen 3 model 19 milled slide and barrel from Midway, a Gen 3 to Gen 4 adapter plate for the recoil shield, and a Gen 3 recoil spring. Installed it on my G23 Gen4 frame, and it worked pretty well. I did have erratic ejection issues, sometimes taking a case to the face, until I changed the ejector from a 23 to a 19. That improved the ejection pattern. All is working well now, and I have about the same $ in the new slide and red dot sight as I would have put into a new pistol, not including the red dot. I am happy with it.
  14. CGW had a problem with some earlier reduced power fps, and they tell me that problem has been resolved. Rowdy, is it possible you got some of the problem reduced power fps? The new ones have been working well for me...
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