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  1. For sure! I assumed anyone reading it would understand that the rim thicknesses etc. listed were for 45 ACP. Of course, we all know what "assume" means... LOL! I hope you don't mind me linking to that thread. It is the best source I know of for info on 1911 extractors.
  2. Extractor issues are the most common reasons why 1911's have feeding and extraction issues. Magazines are the second most common. Make sure to check that you are sizing as far down as you can towards the case head...
  3. Based on that, I'd say your extractor is either too loose or too tight. Take the slide off, insert a loaded round under the extractor, and shake lightly. If it falls out easily, the extractor is too loose. If it doesn't fall out at all, it is too tight. The other possibility is that you aren't sizing all the way to the base. Most rounds will chamber OK, but when you get to one that has been fired in a loose chamber, it will stick.
  4. I have a stainless RO in 9mm, and the chamber IS tight. You could have your chamber reamed, or you could simply adjust your dies to suit your RO's chamber. Either too much or too little crimp could cause your issues, as well as not sizing all the way down. "Plunk and spin" check your reloads to check function before going to the match! I adjusted my extractor's tension, and relieved the bottom edge of the extractor to allow rounds to slide up under it more easily. I also fit an oversized slide stop to keep my extractor from "clocking". You can research each of these topics, and find a wealth of information on them. Welcome to the wonderful world of 1911's! LOL! The good part is, once you have it all worked out, you will likely have many thousand rounds of trouble-free, accurate shooting to come!
  5. Yeah, I think this is the most logical explanation - old fired primer left in case. He only THOUGHT the primer had fired...
  6. OK, I got it figured out. After you pulled the frangible bullets and dumped the old powder out, you wet tumbled the cases (with primers still seated in the PP) for at least 49.65 hours. Then, immediately after dumping the pins and soap/water solution, you reloaded them. THAT explains why the primers were so weak and the priming mixture was so broken up. Of course, the moisture left in the bottom of the case served to dampen what primer mixture DID ignite, and insulated the rest of the powder, preventing it from igniting as well. Don't you just LOVE it when an explanation comes together like that?.... I must be a genius! BTW, it was the butler - with the wrench - in the parlor!
  7. Hmm, it still seems likely that if a couple kernels of powder ignited, they would ignite all the rest of the powder. Again, unless the powder was contaminated... Of course, I am just speculating at this point - I have never experienced this! LOL!
  8. Seems unlikely, but I'll take your word for it... In any case, I have never experienced this one myself.
  9. Well, I admit that I only use new primers, so... In any case, can you explain why a primer would (or COULD) ignite SOME of the powder without igniting ALL of the powder?
  10. I have never known of a primer that fired, yet didn't ignite the powder unless the powder was contaminated. If the primer had not fired, I would suspect the primer was installed backwards, missing an anvil, or no priming mixture at all. Since you didn't mention any of those, I am guessing they don't apply here. A bullet will clear the barrel with hardly ANY powder igniting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClS5tqX7wC8&t=630s Therefore, logically speaking, your powder had to have been contaminated with SOMETHING. Do you wet tumble your cases? Did you leave some cases wet inside? Was the bullet stuck in the bore, or just in the throat of the chamber (i.e. loaded long and sticking in the lands)?
  11. No idea, but they are in mine as well...
  12. My two Hiperfire triggers work fine with milspec safeties.
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