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  1. If you pay for two years when you rejoin, you will get a certificate right away.
  2. My vote goes to the G48 or G43X as a carry gun. Coupled with Shield Arms magazines, you get a thin, light weight pistol, and high capacity as well. I am very happy with mine!
  3. Ken6PPC

    Shield Arms

    I have two of these magazines. They drop free, lock the slide open after the last round, and I have not had any failures. I ordered the extra power magazine springs, but I haven't put them in yet. Why mess with something that works? I am very happy with my Shield Arms S15 mags! Also, I agree that an extended capacity G43 mag would be great!
  4. Oh yeah... Be sure no nickled cases are in with your brass. Nickle seems to react to the Lemi Shine.
  5. You are probably using too much Lemi Shine. Mine come out best when I use no more than a 45 ACP case full. I also try to be sure I rinse the brass well before exposing it to air.
  6. Well, THAT sure is ugly! I'd probably just go back to Blue or Precision, since you didn't have issues with them. I shoot a lot of 0.356" Blues, and I NEVER have seen my barrels look like that one... .
  7. Double tap... Make sure the coating isn't cracked where the case mouth is crimped into the bullet. Once you get leading started, it continues to build up...
  8. Ifyour FCD isn't causing you any issues, and you like it, keep it. I'd still check it often though, because 9mm cases vary in thickness. If you perform the same measurement with thicker pieces of brass, you may get different results.
  9. 0000 Steel Wool works too. It is fine enough that limited use won't cause any harm. I still prefer copper, just to be safe. Make sure the scrubber you get is copper all the way through - not just copper coated.
  10. Oh yeah, I wouldn't use a factory crimp die on rifle rounds! https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/001532276c500/22-caliber-point224-diameter-62-grain-bthp-with-cannelure-500-count Not a bad price.... out of stock, of course!
  11. Check the concentricity of your loaded rounds. I bet there will be room for improvement there... If the bullet tip wobbles when you roll it on a flat piece of glass held at eye level, you have found one of your problems, perhaps the biggest one. If you can ditch your "M" expanding die, that may help your concentricity. Sorting your brass by headstamp and number of firings will help too. HP's and Ballistic Tip bullets usually shoot better than FMJ's. I know they aren't as cheap as FMJ's, but if accuracy is what you are looking for, better bullets defi
  12. It looks like you are doing everything correctly. Perhaps you should contact DG Bullets to see if they have a known issue with your particular lot of bullets? HP-38 is known to burn hot. Do you happen to have any other powder on hand to try?
  13. I'm willing to buy 5000 of your primers for $150.... Shipped, of course! No, actually, I have enough primers. Just trying to lighten this up a little....
  14. The S2 works OK with a buffer. I use one in my S2 also. Seems it was designed with the extra length of a buffer, so mine doesn't get chewed up like they do in my 1911's. I won't use one in a 1911 for that reason.
  15. Probably only a couple thousand, so I'm not much help to prove longevity. Stuart at CZC could probably give you some data...
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