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  1. Not necessarily. Get a heat gun and heat up the underside of the slide. That will loosen the red locktite, and allow you to remove the sight. Use an old toothbrush to remove the locktite while it is still hot. Don't try to use a hair dryer for this, it won't get hot enough - a heat gun from a hobby shop will work nicely, like this one https://www.horizonhobby.com/heat-gun-han100.
  2. Yeah, the ESP's ARE pricey! That is why I haven't already got a set! I do have a set of these: https://www.walkersgameear.com/silencer-in-the-ear-pair/ They certainly don't do much for amplification, and they are a little uncomfortable. Much better than muffs in the heat though.... Sound quality isn't nearly on par with hearing aids, but again, not too bad...
  3. I wear hearing aids, but they won't work for hearing protection. There is a version of hearing aid that does both functions. I haven't tried these yet, but I plan to get a pair. https://www.espamerica.com/
  4. I am very happy with the slide that Primary Machine milled for me. Looks and works great!
  5. Try a welding gas supplier...
  6. Here is a SAAMI video of smokless powder burning in a simulated house fire. https://saami.org/publications-advisories/smokeless-powder-and-the-fire-service/
  7. Loaded ammo isn't much of a hazard in a fire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SlOXowwC4c Like you already stated, when a loaded firearm is in a fire, it can be just as dangerous as when it is fired normally. Primers aren't much of an issue unless they are stored in bulk. The shipping containers help to prevent them from simultaneously detonating. Keep them in their boxes! Smokless powder is worse than loaded ammo, because it burns at an accelerated rate and it burns hot.
  8. Uh, I think your math is missing a decimal point.... $9 for 3000 is a $0.003, or 3 tenths of a cent per bullet.
  9. An adjustable gas block would probably solve your overgas issues the best...
  10. I have damaged cases that look like that when I size without an expander button, and then used a 22 neck turning mandrel in a die to expand the case. The expansion die was adjusted down too far, and it pushed the neck back down into the case, thereby bulging the shoulder of the case. A sizing die CANNOT do that, and I can't imagine how you could drop rounds hard enough to do that either. Perhaps a mis-adjusted crimping die could do that... In any case, I'd just try to pull and salvage the bullets, and possibly the powder. I wouldn't trust primers after they were removed from being previously loaded, and the cases like the one in the first picture have been SEVERELY damaged. The cases are certainly not worth the trouble and risk. After all, free is only good if it doesn't cost you in some other way!
  11. There is a load listed for VV N330 for 135 gr. XTreme Bullets. This should be a pretty good starting point, but start low:
  12. Guess I was lucky. Mine went a lot easier than I expected. Tapped it out with little effort, and slid the new one into the slide. It lined up perfectly, and I reinstalled the sight and roll pin. Done!
  13. I slugged one brand-new 9mm "match" barrel (supposedly a "match" barrel) that REALLY surprised me. I expected 0.355" or so, but it slugged at 0.3566"! If I hadn't found out the true bore diameter of that barrel, I would have never known why it didn't shoot as I expected.
  14. The recoil spring has little to nothing to do with extraction and ejection. If it is TOO STRONG, it can impede feeding, because the magazine won't have enough time to lift the next cartridge. If it is TOO LIGHT, it can fail to cycle the slide enough to feed.
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