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  1. I really like the podcast thank you for the info, will be buying the book here soon.
  2. have you considered a heavier bullet? i shoot bear creek poly coated 147 gr and they shoot really well. i shot 124's and 135's previously and they seemed to be a bit snappy in the recoil
  3. the stoegers are great, there are a lot of pros that shoot them, Tim Yackley shoots a Stoeger. They are solid guns and run great. Use good ammo and it will not let you down.
  4. the Stoeger M3K is a great option, but if you can afford a benelli go for the benelli. the biggest factor that i have seen with shotguns is using crap ammo. i shoot open division with a Dissident arms vepr 12 and even it has ammo that it loves and hates. Buy once cry one is the best advice i have ever heard in the shooting world.
  5. i am a Lefty as well and fully know the stuggle. i shoot a JP gmr 13 and its hands down the best PCC in my opinion. i am looking to getting an ambi lower to switch it out. after speaking to Dustin at JP i may have to get a complete lower as most of their parts are installed with red lock tite. mandatory reloads are a pain without an ambi mag release, am looking at the gibbs or the KE arms lower they seem to be the go to options.
  6. I find a 25 yard zero is the most versatile for a variety of different matches. I also confirm zero at 50 for any fine tuning.
  7. great video, I have a Titan as well and am looking to switch to open your video was extremely helpful.
  8. Saturday was a great match, weather was perfect. my first time shooting PCC in USPSA.
  9. The first thing I learned here is to search the forum before posting your question, 90% of the time your question has been asked already. Just a little tip from another forum newbie.
  10. You have the TPC in Utah, great range and great people. Matches of all kind, plus special matches like the Hard as Hell match Brian Nelson puts on.
  11. Hello all, I have been a member of this forum for quite some time but never posted anything. I shoot primarily 3 gun and anything else that comes up when there is no 3 gun match. I am in law enforcement as well as a firearms instructor. I look forward to interacting with you all.
  12. Absolutely beautiful! i have an atlas limited in 9mm and and looking into the choas next. Great info!
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