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  1. Angled is best: Longer bolts = more angle
  2. look here: https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/primer-pullback-to-the-extreme.846927/#post-11037121 Edit: I'm Tilos over there
  3. Thanks The reviews for both of those products I've read seem to indicate neither work very well cleaning primer pockets. That, and their not cheap considering the results in the reviews posted here and elsewhere. Anyone try Woolite, I'm out of dirty brass to test it. I need to get to the range and make some more.
  4. Wow How profound I never knew that Never seen that posted before thanks for posting anyone else want to pile on here?
  5. You gotta love another tumbling thread I'm still searching for the unicorn additive for wet tumbling WITHOUT PINS... that will clean primer pockets I have tried most common around the house/garage cleaners without success. Post up anything that works for you. thanks,
  6. Don't tell Dillon about those "Spill Stop" pins And remember Dillon lurks here too Watch what you post,
  7. OK then, give this a try... Cut a coil off the Dillon spring and try that, all Dillon parts Still happening, cut off another coil. If that messes up the index put back in the spring you took out at the service, before you had this problem, ... still all Dillon parts.
  8. Go here, read it, try it: https://czfirearms.us/index.php?PHPSESSID=f3367ce57eb866416ecfb45f273655b5&topic=34225.msg189131#msg189131
  9. As mentioned above, sometimes tipping the tray at different angles in both the X and Y planes will improve the flow of primers. Load it up as usual and once a primer hangs up try tipping/rotating the tray until the primers start flowing again. Also, take a good look at the tray where the small primer hole is located, sometimes there will be mold flash/burr in that area. Use a magnifier, and if you see flash carefully remove it by scraping it with a razor blade or Exacto knife. Edit: here's some vids on problems you didn't know you had: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Vibra+Prime+Mod
  10. Were the coated bullets sold as a different (bigger) diameter than the plated bullet? Did you measure them? I push all the coated bullets I buy through a Lee sizing die before loading them. This unifies the diameter and removes any variation. I know, an added step to the process but something you might try.
  11. Any collet type bullet puller will deform the bullet, any bullet. A collet type puller may not "grip" a coated bullet, I don't know, but it will crush a bullet way more than an inertia puller. I have inertia pulled a few 9mm Blue Bullets recently to check for a crimp ring and it worked as it should with a couple of whacks on the concrete floor. I use the O-ringed collet that comes with the puller, not a shell holder as suggested by some, because it could leave a burr on the rim that can get hung up in a mag. And if that burred up brass is the last round in the bottom of a mag, it can tear up the follower. Why have you given up on inertia/hammer type pullers? sorry way more than you asked for,
  12. Thanks for reading/quoting my post I read thru the linked thread and didn't find any cleaner mentioned that cleaned primer pockets, wet tumbling WITHOUT PINS. I've tried and use the stuff you posted when I use pins. Some posters listed cleaners but didn't mention whether they were using pins or not, but I'm guessing they are.
  13. I've been trying different cleaners that I already have around the house/garage for wet tumbling without pins. I'm searching for the magical/golden unicorn cleaner that will clean primer pockets without pins. Some I've tested to date: purple power, TSP, dish washer soap, Shout, Simple Green, liquid Tide, and others...without success I have more stuff to try, but I might need to bite the bullet and just buy some Brass Juice.
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