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  1. i agree with the trimming aspect..... it sucks ---- i tried to be cheap and get the lee zip trim for trimming brass, probably did about 1000 that way (308) before i bought a Giraud Tri way (the one that fits on your drill) i had been drooling over his desk top model, and one day went to his site and there they were... best dam 100bux i have spent in all of my reloading tools. hands down............keep in mind it measures the length off of the neck of your resized brass, so its best to keep that consistent, and if you want to measure that you'll need something like the hornady comparator gauges. so then i started loading 223.... and bought the little crow drill mounted one, figured it would be just as good........... its not bad..... but for a few bucks more Giraud is king !!!
  2. thanks for all the advice here, I was going to post a question bas icily the same as the OP did 5 years ago... unless i come across the deal of the century i think ill just buy em up in the meantime.
  3. my local smith told me they charge 2x as much for sight swaps on XD's he said they put them on with a hydraulic press at the factory, and they pretty much have to be cut in half, and that they "implode" because they are under so much tension.
  4. hoooray for hiperfire rep..... I just installed a 24 3g into one of my lowers, and I love it. i watched some install videos on it on youtube, (i know i know) butI do remember people saying that some of the safety selectors did not want to work, and others had no problems with them... just do as they recommend, install a standard mil spec, make sure it works, and then if you insist on an ambi, try different brands. im not sure if not using a mill spec safety voids any warranty? maybe the rep can speak to that.
  5. 1) i must train more with my shotgun, i practiced reloading techniques but at this match we started with no chambered/ loaded (tube) in all guns. i felt good about my load 2 methods, what i didn't expect was realizing that when the bolt is back in my benelli the load gate is locked, go getting used to the bolt release, then hitting the load button for the mag tube, then flipping over and proceeding to load 2. was unexpected. - about the third stage i remembered i can port load 1 round, then push it down to release the bolt... then continue to load 2, a match saver would have come in handy. 2) - its much harder to see your bullet holes than i expected, especially when the targets get all taped up. 3) i saw a RO begin a stage fired off at his shotgun targets, then realize he had no AR mags on him for the rifle section of the stage.... (most of us beginners didn't care and offered him a chance to reshoot, but one competitor had a problem with letting him reshoot. 4) know your equipment - i saw multiple shotguns have issues - in my group of about 11 shooters at least 3 individual shotguns went on the fritz - 5) shotgun again ---- I had previously never fired a slug from my shotgun, and hoped that my iron (rifle sights) were good to go... apparently they were not quite on target, not knowing how much to adjust Kentucky windage made for poor results. 1 out of 8 shots on 2 targets hit. 6) notes about Match Director and RSOs - there was some confusion on the rules - (scoring) (penalties) there were no Miss On Target penalties, only Faliure To Nutralize, or Faliure to Engage, that being said there was confusion if on a single target there would be numerous FTN's or just a FTE - I didn't really care as i wasn't there to take the gold - and no prizes are actually given to the winners (small event) - only raffle type drawings for a local gun store were picked form a hat at the end of the event for those that stayed. 7) Texas Stars are fun... and no matter now much i watched videos and read explanations on how to engage them, my first shot at one was a bottom plate, luckily i missed, then remembered to shoot the top one first..... then i found myself and others noticed me tracking the moving plate instead of waiting for it to come into my sight picture. theres probably more , but thats what i remember right now. all and all it was a fun experience, I didn't get DQ'd my first time out and that was my primary goal, to be safe and have fun.. 9) i almost though i was about to be DQ'd on the first stage after grounding my rifle, then picking up my shotgun, shot my targets then grounded my shotty, without putting the safety on.... i took about 2 steps away and stopped and told the RO - i didn't engage the safety - he asked "is it empty?" i said "yes" - then i was instructed to keep going as that was fine. after i got over the first stage jitters, and settled down, it things became much more natural and enjoyable.
  6. i recently installed a HiperFire 24 3g -(bought it from some guy who one one in a match for a pretty good deal) in an AR, (and can be used in an AR 10) i love it, its adjustable with springs they provide in the package from a little over 2 lbs to up a little under 5 lbs. its a single stage, super crisp, almost 0 take up, and short reset. that being said, DPMS is having a sale on Geissele 2 Stage (G2S) Trigger 109 bux, thats a killer deal for an awesome trigger too..http://www.dpmsinc.com/Geissele-2-Stage-G2S-Trigger_p_2679.html but the best trigger is really about feel and what feels good to you, and what you can get out of it.
  7. not sure if this is in the right place or if this kinda post is allowed.. but but this is a product that i enjoy (an am in no way affiliated with the manufacturer) - thought i would pass the info along - i did a search but didn't see any posts on this Tim K - (unsure of last name at the moment) designed and sells via ebay or directly through pay pal Zero Stop shims for SWFA Optics currently i think he offers them for all fixed models, 3x15 and maybe others... either MOA or MIL/MIL tibosaurus rex did a little review last week. Here's the link:https://youtu.be/Q-cpt07Wbzg here is the ebay link if you want to get some. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zero-stop-shim-sets-for-SWFA-Super-Sniper-scopes/332098862579
  8. thanks for the tip - i bought it -
  9. Im looking for some advice - I've got about a month until my first 3 gun match. and I'm wanting to take a look at some dvd's that talk about things i haven't fought about. was thinking about Jerry's practical rifle 3 dvd set- for like 20 bux it seems worth it. any others I should take a look at?
  10. I ordered the Shooters Connection belt last night, and some AP custom rebuild kits for some used load2/load 4's i got... I'm getting excited ... getting on some practice and next month for my first 3gunning experience.
  11. Well I'm in the market for a timer, and I'm glad i came across all this info.... thanks guys. Wasn't really finding to much out there that really talked about the differences between manufactures and models.
  12. I dont suppose any of you know where i could acquire the noveske 3 gun dvd's - I'm a newbie 3 gunner, and from what I have read they are pretty good - But it seems that they don't make them anymore.... or maybe you have other suggestions?
  13. I'm getting set up for my first 3 gun mach... I think i've got most of the gear squared away.. one of the things i have left to get is a good belt. Ive been looking at the DAA Pro, the Shooters Connection, maybe a CR speed (high torque maybe), maybe even the blade tech belt. Im set up on my mag/shell caddy's for TeK lock stuff - gun holster - BT - stingray (adjustable belt loop thing) I currently possess a "tactical muffin top" I'm not in the best shape and have heard that the DAA (cheaper belt) (inside belt) is itself kinda stiff and causes some people with muffin tops pain and a cutting in sensation. ( i want to avoid that) i hear that the CR is maybe a bit softer (piping/edging around the belt) . I've also heard that people have a hard time with Tek Lock surf on DAA belts (thickness) (even the pro model) ... i don't know, --- any advice?
  14. Greetings, I remember using this forum when I was scouring up information about reloading about 5 or 6 years ago. Now after a hiatus and renewed interest in 3 gun I'm back again. I have never shot any sort of competition, and am more than happy to glean information off of you all. I'm excited.... catching the shooting bug again...
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