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  1. TSDave

    Help me get to my Glock mag release FASTER!

    The "flip" doesn't add time as long as it's not over exaggerated and your retrieving your fresh mag at same time. Lots of dry fire is the key.
  2. TSDave

    Super Blake Drill

    I can do it all day with .18-.22 with production Glock, but consistent .15 is cooking and would probably need to be open gun and a Harambe gorilla grip...or just a better shooter thanot myself lol.
  3. TSDave

    Uspsa website info

    This particular club is located at a range run by the state of IL. State of IL isn't fast about anything I'd imagine, especially cutting checks. Side note: It was less than a year ago that USPSA didn't even update their system but once or twice a month. The "norm" had pretty much been if the scores showed up by the time you shot the next month's match you were pretty happy.