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  1. coatessey

    Glocks and Hitek Coated LSWC’s and powder

    Thanks. What loads do use with WST? That may work better for me as I can use wst for my 45 loads as well.
  2. coatessey

    "Glocked" 10mm brass - how to deal with it?

    What would you consider a nice heavy recoil spring for the 20?
  3. My wife has ordered me a Glock 20. This will be me first Glock and I have heard that lead is not typically a good thing in their poly rifling barrels. I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with hitek coated lswc’s in their Glocks? I plan on shooting 155 GR hitek coated LSWCBB’s and for now utilizing what’s left on my W231. Is Bluedot the best to utilize with 10mm moving forward?
  4. coatessey

    Which wet tumbler?

    FART has treated me well. I have seen amazon have them as low as 115 new.
  5. coatessey

    200 gr lswc wst commander barrel IDPA loads

    I have been using 5 grains of 231 with 200 grain blue bullets coated lswc' s. Running cci large primers. I haven't used WST yet and wondering if there will be much of a difference?
  6. coatessey

    Which wet tumbler?

    It is beyond the state's required minimum distance and of course the leach field heads out the opposite way. I'm assuming it would filter out before it hit the well but I was mainly curious what other folks did.
  7. coatessey

    Which wet tumbler?

    What do you do with the water afterwards? The main reason I wanted to go to wet tumbling was the lead dust. However do I really want to flush the water with lead content which will eventually find its way to my well?
  8. coatessey

    Which wet tumbler?

    These seem to be a good price, does anyone here have one? http://m.ebay.com/itm/25lb-Capacity-Rock-Tumbler-DELUXE-/262659568841?nav=SEARCH