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  1. The new generation mags that came with my Hawk and the extra ones that I bought would go to slide lock with one round still in the mag. Had to do a little work on them to correct the problem they seem to be working ok now.
  2. I have been shooting the Hawk for the last six months no problems with the gun but I had to work on the magazines they would lock the slide back with one round still in the magazine
  3. RPF

    Sti 2011 hawk

    Haven't got to put the Dawson sight on my gun yet but my buddy has it on his. I like the sight picture it gives me . He was able to get it to shoot dead on with the adjustable Dawson sight here is what we got #024-022 Novak cut low mount ,very good sight looks good on the gun.As far as loads go I load Extreme 165 @ 1.150 long with 2.7 grains of Tite Group shoots flat and soft plenty accurate for me.I added the Dawson tactical magwell to mine and the weight with an empty mag comes in at 39 oz. I have enjoyed shooting it good solid platform for me.
  4. RPF

    Sti 2011 hawk

    Been shooting mine for two months now not the first problem. It's my first venture into the 2011 platform and I am very happy with the results.The only thing I didn't like was the wide cut in the rear sight I have ordered an adjustable sight from Dawson that should fix that problem for me. There has been a lot of interest in the Hawk with the guy's I shoot with. A couple have already got one. This is a very good working man's 2011.Get-Shoot-Enjoy
  5. I think you will like the Hawk once you get your hands on one. The only thing I didn't like was the wide notch in the rear sight I just like a narrower notch. My investment in the gun, holster and three mag pouches,three extra 17rd magazines and the magwell was gust under $1900.00. I need to stop buying all these toys retirement is just 12 months away but I can stop then.
  6. Sorry for the delay on the reply about the weight. Gun empty mag and an STI slim Tactical magwell comes in at 38.9 oz.
  7. RPF

    PCC loads

    X-treme 165 2.7 TG @1.150 works in my PCC
  8. I just got one a few weeks ago haven't got to shoot but a few mags through it so far. I bought it for it's price point it is my first 2011. I mostly do IDPA and 2-gun matches so the Hawk should do fine for me. It does fit the IDPA box the weight is around 36oz. I did add a mag well to it and it fits the Edge holster. The fit is tight and finish look's fine to me the trigger is around 4lbs. with a short reset. No it's not a 2 thousand dollar pulse gun but it got me in the 2011 game I couldn't be any happier.
  9. Started shooting 2-gun matches at a local range using my PCC several months ago. Stages are set up to use either pistol or rifle or both . This has become my favorite match of the month using two guns is a lot more fun than one. Sandrooney I'm right there with you at 65 haven't been shooting but about six years knees don't bend like they use too but I have been able to hold my own. It's all about the fun and people for me.
  10. I have one in my PSA Glock lower for about four months now no problems so far has been working great.
  11. Hi Guy's, I have been reading the forms for some time a lot of good information and entertainment on here. Only been shooting matches for five years now got a late start in life I am 64 years young now. It's hard to run with the flat belly's so slow and steady for me, it's all about the fun and the guy's at the matches. Started with a Glock 17 went to the 34 and now shoot a Tanfo Match in 9mm and a STI Spartan in 9mm. Gust started shooting a PCC in 2-gun matches last month boy these things are a ton of fun. Do my own reloading on a Dillion 550b, slow and steady to get me ready. I will keep on reading and learning from the forums and put in my two cents worth when I can. Thanks Guy's
  12. In the upstate of South CAROLINA Skip-J range in Anderson has a 2 gun Match the third Saturday of the month also Belton Gun Club and Greenville Gun Club sometimes have a PCC match check their web site and Face Book page for updates
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