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  1. crispyrice

    Dillon reloading room setup

    I have one from HF and it gets the job done can be a little loud at first but what compressor isn't. If you want it cleaner looking you can do what this guy did, start at 4:45
  2. I decided to get the 650 over the 1050 thinking that I wouldn't shoot enough to justify the 1050..........well I was wrong and am looking into picking up a 1050. I would go with 1050 and if money is an issue just start with one tool head and make large batches like other have said.
  3. crispyrice

    Glock shooting left

    Break out the calipers and check if it is centered then shoot it at 25 meters. Every time I get a new gun and the place throws new sights on it I have to re adjust them. I did shoot my work qualification recently and was shooting left by several inches and it was pissing me off. After it was over I looked at my sights and sure enough the were about to fall off the gun... still confused on that one it never happened again lol.
  4. crispyrice

    CrispyRice's Shooting Journey

    Have gotten a little side tracked with work and getting over the flu but was finally abe to get a little dry firing in. Short 20 min session focusing on transitions and SHO/WHO practice with a little rifle dry firing as well. tomorrow will be able to get to the range and will be able to post some pictures.
  5. crispyrice

    CrispyRice's Shooting Journey

    I decided to make this to document my progress all in one spot. A little about me, I have recently began shooting in mid 2015 when I became a LEO and quickly caught the shooting bug. Back in April 2017 I shoot my first USPSA match. unfortunately the weather was not forgiving and rained out most of the matches and only ended with 3 for the year. I am currently Class D in Limited at 37.7%, A102852. My ultimate goal would be to obtain the coveted GM title. But my short term goal is to make Limited C by the end of this year. Now this is where things get a little different, a big portion of my training will be going towards work related shooting as to make special team qualifications. So in all my matches I am running a full work duty belt with a level 3 retention holster and a stock g17 gen 4. As for training I will be going for daily dry firing and 1-2 times weekly live fire. Feel free to comment and critique. Today I was only able to fit 15 min of draws and trigger control with both my pistol and rifle. Not the best start of 2018 lol
  6. How do you not go blind from the light lol I got a headache just from the picture
  7. crispyrice

    3 gun new

    If you read the rules and feel comfortable then just show up and participate or if you do go to observe bring your gear with just in case. I always found having a buddy who also shoots come with eases any first time anxiety
  8. crispyrice

    Wife approved an XL 650 !

    I haven’t heard any complaints about them.
  9. crispyrice

    Wife approved an XL 650 !

    Key word was at the moment lol I’m using a chargemaster now. Constant calibration was the key to that scale and was only using for 9mm minor loads. I would not recommend a cheap scale for anything more then a temporary bridge to a proper scale.
  10. crispyrice

    Wife approved an XL 650 !

    This exactly I’m already think should I get a bullet feeder or maybe just get a 1050 with auto drive.....but then I snap back into reality haha
  11. crispyrice

    Dillon Powder Check

    Dumb question but that wouldn’t void the press would it?
  12. crispyrice

    Dillon Powder Check

    How did you mount the camera to the press?
  13. crispyrice

    650 downstroke question

    Thanks for the photo I haven’t shot any yet but I got a case gauge and they all pass so when I get a chance I’ll see how they shoot. I’m in the fine tuning of all my does and the lee seems to hang up every so often so I may be going back to the Dillon. I am amazed at how quite this is even when I’m just dialing it in and going slow lol
  14. crispyrice

    Best place to get new 1050

    I’ll second buying direct, had my press within five days of purchasing. Like others said it’s always good to support local shops too
  15. crispyrice

    650 downstroke question

    Thanks for all the responses. I have decided to just use my lee die for sizing and it completely fixed the problem. I was more concerned withe the bottom bulging and the sides curving inward. It sure threw me for a loop