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  1. So far so good... roughly 3 months in
  2. I went from a DPP to Holosun 510C to the XL. So far the XL is working great and I wouldnt go back to the others.
  3. Hard to see and I cant slow motion on YouTube, but here was the 510C blasting away. I have some marks on the back of the optic mount as well but never had an ejection issue in almost a year of shooting it.
  4. I also went from a 510C Green. I actually like the Holosun but the optic was ugly and heavy. the gun feels so much lighter now on the top end and I feel my transitions can be faster now. Will have to do an outdoor match to see how I like the XL in the sun
  5. I guess I should go check and make sure the optic is flush with the mount surface
  6. I don’t recall having any issues.... I don’t even think I saw index tabs on the mount surface, but I could be wrong
  7. It’s on. Gun feels lighter and looks better now. This is with new Atlas Romeo3xl mount. Noticed it sits way further back than the Holosun.
  8. Just need my mount to come now
  9. Some people prefer the round housing for looks.
  10. I was told by Atlas that the front of the R3Max/XL has extra material so it wont fit the older mounts. YMMV I also just bought a R3XL.Mainly caus the 510C is so ugly in my opinion on the gun Now question is do I put it on with only a week until Nationals? hmmmmm
  11. Didn’t your Tevo shield come with longer screws? Mine did
  12. That MikeV interview had a bunch of ideas thrown out w/ no real plan. USPSA is made up of a board and the President cant just do all those things he is saying. USPSA buying their own range in the middle of the country? come on! Aside from the actual cost , the infrastructure needs to be there too. Giving ROs discounts on membership? meh. There are plenty of clubs around here racinready300ex... there is a reason why some clubs fill and others dont. The quality of the matches and level of competition draw people in. Just having more clubs doesnt automatically mean success. I'd still like to see an interview w/ Foley. This was all I could find but from beginning of 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cP1GelhBAU
  13. The Atlas mount sits further up than the Tevo. I just ordered a Tevo blast shield though.
  14. Just for looks and maybe protection against banging it on stuff.
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