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  1. I have DVC & Tanfoglio open guns, both 9 major.
  2. Didnt really test for that. Chrono'd it & did some wide transition speed drills. I dont expect it to be any different than AA7 for accuracy.
  3. Not much dry fire since the last post. Busy with club stuff and stage design. 6/30 overall and 5/10 in Open in the last local match. 68.69% in the classifier which moved me up 3.5% towards B Chrono'd new powder / new loads today Live fire wide transition drills today, really pushed for speed and I surprised myself
  4. I had been shooting AA7 and I decided to order 8lb of Lovex D037.1 - Shooters world major pistol. Charge weights are bout the same, feel and dot track are about the same. For whatever reason the lovex has a little more variance from my powder measure and more variance in velocity. It was also a little clumpy out of the bottle. The clumps break up easily though. The test gun was a DVC open, 9 major, no popple holes, 3 port comp.
  5. The goal here is to find enough accountability to get off the couch, shake off the rust and put in the time to move up in classification. Drills 1-6 dry fire today and I loaded all my remaining AA7. Ordered 8lb of D037-1. Squats & lunges. Tomorrow will bring drills 7-12, an arm/shoulder workout and some stage design. Goal 1/7/2019 1 Sight Picture 0.6 0.8 2 10 yd Index 0.8 1.1 3 10 yd Surrender Index 0.9 1.1 4 Turn & draw 1.1 1.2 5 Strong Hand Index 1 1.1 6 Weak Hand Index 1.5 1.5 Most Recent Open Classifiers Date Classifier Percent HF 12/15/2018 09-10 66.727 8.5586 12/15/2018 18-09 58.9398 6.3421 12/15/2018 03-04 52.7363 6.2435 12/15/2018 99-46 49.0259 5.5187 9/15/2018 13-07 47.5682 5.3498 8/18/2018 13-04 48.6831 6.6321
  6. Does your New-New racker hit the optic mount preventing quick and easy slide removal? If so, how are you dealing with that??
  7. I've used 115 MG CMJ, 124 MG CMJ, and Im trying out some 124 PD JHP now. The 124s work out better for me.
  8. I have an MBX and a Tanfo 38 super mag and I have issues with both causing either double feeds or FTE. My 140s are flawless....
  9. Are there any new insights in getting 170mm mags to run in a Tanfo?
  10. I use autocomp and ive tried hs6, Silhouette, and 572.
  11. Maybe somebody else will have more luck
  12. I'd love to try one on my spare barrel. It looks like you'd have to fit a 1911 style busing to the slide though which means my V12 barrel becomes useless..... I tried to talk with patriot about it but they werent really willing to have a conversation
  13. I have had chronic issues with low vitamin D.. When my blood serum levels drop to the mid 20's I feel like a zombie & every muscle and bone hurts. I take 15,000 IU daily and that maintains my serum levels at about 80. Its worth noting that people shouldnt take high doses without blood serum testing.
  14. Does anyone have a part number for the EAA 171mm magazines??
  15. School me on the wood dowel / vice process. I'm having the same double feed problem with the mbx 170mm mag in my tanfo gold team, 9mm major. Thx.
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