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  1. Yeah I feel pretty stupid now. Thanks
  2. Divisions should be editable, so you can make them anything you want. Though there is a bug on Android that doesn't allow to edit these divisions. I am just now playing with this and am running on a iPhone but do not see a way to edit the divisions. Am I missing something ?
  3. I have been working on my mine the last few days. Had it it for a few years just never really messed with it. So for it rocks!
  4. I would sell the 1050 and use a small portion to buy a square deal b for the dedicated 40. Good luck and may good fortunes fall upon you soon!
  5. A sign of the youth today! We are doomed. I have been there 4 times and have yet to leave without a few tears. I work with a guy that served in the old guard!
  6. I found a video convertor and it worked. The weird thing is I do not remember having to do this in the past with .mov's. Thanks for the help!
  7. LOL yeah if someone made one as nice as the contour I would have. That being said most every camera I have every had used .MOV (both of my Cannons, My POV and now my Contour)
  8. I am so *@*^$ frustrated with my Mac and iMovie! I bought a Contour Roam camera and took a few videos and was trying to edit them tonight and 8 hours later I am setting here still trying to figure it out!!!!!!! I just want to throw the keyboard across the room!!!!!! I cant seem to get iMovie to import any files not to mention the dreaded .MOV files. When I click on file- Import- Movies it just keeps locking up when it try's to search. Hell if I did not know any better I would think I was on a PC again or something. Anyone have any ideals?
  9. What I'm trying to do is add some height to my Larue Riser cheek adaptor. I have some kydex strips I want to bond to top of it to give it the height I need line up with my eotech and magnifier. I have been using duct tape and cardboard so I thought it was about time to make it permanent.
  10. What is your go to product to weld/glue plastic? I have a few pieces of kydex I need to bond together and I want to make sure it really bonds and will not come apart. Thanks
  11. PHolsted


    Amen and God bless America!
  12. PHolsted

    DQ video

    I have to second this. When he sent that slug all of us behind him was like ohhh no that sucks. But the way Kyle handled it was true class. I heard several people comment on how he handled it!
  13. I just wanted to say again to everyone that helped set up, run and teardown. For all the venders and for all the sponsors that donated their time, product and money in to getting this match off the ground this year for one of the coolest , smoothest running ,hard working group of ROs , and at the end of the day some of us learned a little history and others just had it refreshed. Also on the ride home I sent out several emails to the sponsors and let them know my gradated for their support and that when I am in need of a product they sell I WILL be coming to them even if I could have saved some money to go elsewhere. It is always worth it to me to support those that support us! OK I'm tired and need to get some rest.
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