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  1. When your 6 year old daughter tells you you left the hamster wheel (brass tumbler) running again.
  2. Thanks alot for the advise! Maybe it was a blessing that those parts ended up lost, I sure was pissed at myself when it happened though! Maybe I would have never had a problem with breakage, but Iguess i'll never know since its not going back in after what you guys said. If its not there, it can't break.
  3. Anybody ever run there AR without the buffer retainer pin/spring? I took off the stock on my AR and my retainer pin and spring ended up lost on my garage floor. After looking for serveral hours I gave up and assembled the rifle without the pin/spring (the buffer is held in by the rear of the carrier). Everything seems to function fine. Is it OK to run like this for a while until I get some new parts (or find the ones on the floor)? I heard some reports of the Pin breaking and locking up the rifle by lodging in the carrier or buffer - seems like this pretty much eliminates that from happening
  4. Only problem is that everyones par times are diffrent and everchanging. It really needs to be customized to the individual user. Some good friends of mine are computer engineers. I fooled around with idea of having them write me a code where you could enter programable Par times, etc. but I don't think the market is there to support the development of the project. If a company like EA Sports made an IPSC training aid for the Playstation I'd buy one.
  5. Book has helped me get alot more organized with my training. I don't have a timer BUT I do have access to video editing equipment (my regular job) AND a 52" largescreen TV! I ended up creatng a still image of each setup required in the drill and set my par times in my editing timeline. Here's an example... #1 Sight alignment drill. Image of IPSC Target in its natural enviornment appears and holds for 1 minute. This allows me to practice my slow motion draw and warm up. If I feel I need more time I can pause the DVD. Image 1 fades out and Image 2 fades in for .2 over par. TV BEEPS, I do my
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