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  1. Hah! We have a nifty indoor range here.
  2. I've been doing dry-fire training all week, 15-20 minutes every morning. Right now I'm just working on the draw and presentation, making sure I get the sights up in front of my eyes (and get the safety off on the way up). A little full-speed, but mostly slow or no-real-rush. I've noticed quite a few instances in which my everyday physical movements-- operating a pipe lighter, reaching for my pen, steering and braking while driving, et cetera-- have become more precise and "accurate," if that makes any sense. Mindfulness and general awareness aren't new concepts for me (Buddhist), but this is the first time they've extended into physical movements this way. It's not something I'm trying to do; it's just happening by itself and surprising me a little when it does. I'll be doing a couple hundred rounds at the range today and am interested to see if anything carries over into live fire.
  3. Excellent! I like Flagstaff; thanks for the pointer.
  4. I use a Timney gauge. Runs from .5 to 10 lbs. Amazon has them for ~$30. The scale marked in 2oz. increments, so the 25-28 ounces you're looking for will be easy enough to determine. I'm a member of the paperclip club.
  5. I'm guessing you mean the Yavapai Recreation League? I have an application sitting on my desk, waiting for my USPSA membership number.
  6. I have a locking cabinet, not really a safe, where everything goes except the pistol I've chosen for competition. It usually lives in its factory case, since I handle it quite frequently for dry-fire practice and such. My cat hasn't figured out how to operate a handgun yet, so I don't worry about having it accessible. There are usually a couple loaded carry pistols lying around too; the house rule on that is that if it's in a holster, it's loaded-- not that I don't always check a pistol for its status every time I pick it up, regardless of what I think I remember.
  7. The gun laws are pretty reasonable, and this is a nice town with a modern indoor range. Prescott's smallish (45,000) but has all the modern conveniences shopping-wise. High enough altitude that we get a couple of decent snows every winter, and it runs about 15 degrees cooler than Phoenix. Come on out and I'll show you around!
  8. I have two Lee Pro 1000s (one for small primer, one for large) and a Classic Turret for working up loads. Yeah, I know, Dillon's the bomb and all that, but I'm cheap.
  9. Hello everyone! I'd like to take up competitive shooting, since I'm firmly stuck at a plateau with the usual stand-still-aim-and-shoot kind of thing. I read Practical Shooting about ten years ago, realized I'd need better pistols, a progressive press, and same basic accuracy work before I even thought about getting into serious shooting. So, now I have all that and am finally ready to get started. I've settled on a Sig Commander-sized 1911 in .45ACP as my beginner's tool and am starting to work through the Stoeger dry-fire book. Joined IDPA a few days ago, so I'll be looking for a classifier in a few months. Edit to add: Oh, what the heck. Joined USPSA too so I can double my fun.
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