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  1. I agree that the show is total crap ---- the first two episodes had "bow/arrows" going up against spears as long range weapons !!!!! I can't see how they can say it is fair when they do not both do the same "stages"
  2. You should think about a Witness Elite Match ---- that is the single-action only one --- has a good trigger and both mine have been very accurate -- I have one in 40S&W and the other in 9mm ---- so I also bought a 10mm barrel for the .40 and a 38Super barrel for the 9mm. I have owned custom Wilsons , Bolands , Clarks and 1911s from other builders ----- both my Elite Match guns are as accurate and reliable as any of them. I just wished I had tried the Witness guns 10 or 15 years ago.
  3. Hey Hap ---- I just sent you a PM
  4. Henning ------ I just watched the vid --- as someone who grew up in Chicago I gotta say " I LIKE IT " Here along the IL./Wis. state line , I have shot IPSC/IDPA/Pins/Steel/SASS and 3-Gun action matches with about 10 clubs within a hours drive of Chicago. I am going to see how much interest there is and try something along it locally. Might become a pump shotgun and 1911 type of match as I know more people have SGs then pistol cal. rifles. BTW -- a .38Super 1911 should be "legal" to use as they were State of the Art back then and some LEOs used them as "anti-armor" as Dillinger etc. were known to wear body armor. 38Super ---- ya,i'm a Gamer Looks like fun --- DaBird
  5. Hello, Yesterday I called in a order to EAA ---- talking with the "gunsmith" , he stated that there were no more 4 3/4" 10mm LS aka Elite MAtch top ends. And there are no planes to get anymore in to the US --------- However , I DID get to order a 4 3/4" 10MM and a 4 3/4" .38Super brl. ---- I already have a .40S&W Match for the 10mm brl and I have a 9mm Match for the 38Super Brl. Maybe you should ask here if you can fit a 10mm brl. to your .45 Match --- 4 3/4" brls. are still only $110 each with $7.50 shipping. Good Luck --- DaBird
  6. Cha-Lee Thank you very much for your offer . I better pass on the grips ---- just bought some EBRs and Obama threatened pistols. I was going to add a magwell to one of my EAAs but think I better get another Elite Match before they go up in price. Thanks again for your offer ---- DaBird
  7. Cha-Lee, I would be interested in the Limited grips ---- please PM or email me to exchange info. Thanks -- DB
  8. I do not see a problem with the .45acp at VERY close range on a deer ---- as been said , a 245/260 grain hard cast SWC knocks the Hell out of bowling pins , almost as much as a .44mag. ---- will do the same thing to almost any deer.
  9. Gary --- thanks for the quick info
  10. Do the Poly witness slides fit on the standard steel witness frames ?? Thanks in advance --- Bird
  11. Been on Cnl. 68 aka Outdoor/VS. for the last two weeks non-stop No shooting , hunting , or fishing shows and only a small bit of MMA shows - just to watch a bunch of over-age juvvies ride their friggin bicycles around Hey --- to each their own , but I don't need to see this crap on cable for 18 hrs. out of 24 !!!! I got a idea !!!! Change the rules to outlaw any kind of seats on the bikes and I bet they will finish the race a lot faster
  12. Both my Elite Match , a 9mm and a .40S&W will shoot under 2" at 40 feet , standing rapid fire with about any weight bullets/reloads that I have tried. I posted a range report on them a few weeks ago with pics.
  13. Hello ---- I would try a different powder and see what happens.
  14. Hello Dan, I don't have any words that will help with your pain , only God and time will do that. Just try to remember that in the black of night , look to the sky and you will see a light , that is your Mom looking down on you and the rest of her family. Very sorry for your loss --- DaBird
  15. I must be getting old I used to be able to change a wiper blade or whole wiper arm in less then ten minutes ---- Took almost two hours to change two blades/arms !!!!!!!!!!! Made in China crap !!!!!!!! Cost three times what it used to and they don't fit and have to be modified by hand to get them to work !!!!!!! Man --- I can't wait for it to warm up so I can reroof my house Gunfighter123
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