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  1. Mover is this a sanctioned steel challenge with the 8 steel stages or is it a outlaw type.... Just asking we have friends in Orange and stop on our trips thru and would love a match to shoot
  2. In the next Video we see a typical false start.... though the start is usually closer the beep than in this video.... IMG_1431a.wmv
  3. I did a couple of videos at our weekly 6 stage match to try and explain this a little better.... the first vid is of creeping and the RO did not stop the shooter before the beep and by rule should incur a 3 second penalty. I will say this.... ANY RO worth his or her salt SHOULD have stopped this attempt before the beep and IMHO is not following Troy's rule # 1 In most cases that I see.... the shooter is on the start cone. flag, sign, etc and starts creeping a couple of inches and stops …. at this point he /she is not in the proper start position and should get the command " Stop" and the direction to point at the start mark and then get "are you ready " again.... I just do not ever see the 3 second being applied unless the RO is just being a "D^@#$ " OR unless the shooter has received several stops and back on start commands and just does not seem to get that he/she is creeping IMG_1429a.wmv
  4. Like I said ZZT clear as mud.... and BTW electronic ear muffs do not help High frequency hearing loss High end electronic hearing aids that squelch anything over 85 db and can be used in shooting sports do work but are very expensive.... and a strong start BEFORE the beep is considered a false start by every RO I have worked with including this one I called two of them at the worlds this year.... by definition ( look it up ) creeping is a slow movement
  5. And this one is clear as MUD.... if I think I hear the beep ( I am a very hard of hearing Super Sr ) and start to raise my RFRO and the beep then goes off it sounds like it would be creeping???? But I was actually starting because I thought I heard the beep???? In my mind and probably the dictionary definition of creeping ( "(of a thing) move very slowly at an inexorably steady pace." ) one would have to be moving slowly for it to bee creeping.... If I made my usual fast (LOL ) move to start a string it would be a false start. Clear as day Huh????
  6. And the beat goes on... Best solution I have heard is to change to 5 strings like all other stages and shoot one from each box with last two strings your choice... keep the distance the same and of course best 4 out of 5 strings
  7. I hate to say it but the TacSol comp is cool looking BUT is the worst POS out there. I love all of their products but the comp it WILL lead up badly and it will affect the round to the point you will get some keyhole rds. If you have 10K thru it without cleaning I am surprised the bullet will even come out. Take it off and look from the threaded end out to the crown... I bet you will not like what you see. I actually threw mine away I could not in clear conscience even sell or give it away. I tried several others with some success but cleaning was still a issue then I changed to TK game changer PRO ( and I AM NOT a sponsored shooter ) end of problems After every match it comes off and goes in the 50/50 mix to soak 24 hrs. Being stainless there is no problem of oversoaking and damage. Comes out clean as new.
  8. Well said Thomas Nothing worse as a RO to say "didn't get the last shot" esp if it seemed to have been a fast string... the problem rarely is with pistols and as you said SV ammo and longer non comped rifle barrel's are a missed shot waiting to happen
  9. Ditto on the comp or a muzzle brake helping the timer pick up shots..... That being said the comp does alter the POI in my experience. No big deal as long as you sight in the gun the way you are shooting it ( with a comp ) Don't believe me Take a ransom rest and shoot with and with out and watch the POI move. Back when I was shooting Bullseye I got rid of the comp for that discipline …. YMMV
  10. I as a shooter or as a working RO would not want metal post at any tier two and above matches... but for local tier 1 matches it would not matter to me and if it helped with club cost then great
  11. Some are using stands and plate holders that present the 2inch side of a 2x4 to the shooter... does cut down on the hits on wood...
  12. Please take no offense ZZT... but if you can not break the 2nd shot... move and break the 3rd shot in less than 3 Seconds ….then you have work to do on this stage …. most shooters in a CF class would be hard pressed to shoot the stage from the center box in less than 3.5 and add 9 seconds of penalty you end up with 19.5 for your time This "might" help a D,C, and a mid to low level B but if they are gaming it … they will never improve over a mid B until they learn to move. Even though I gain on most of my competitors on this stage and should want it to remain a movement stage I would rather see it with no movement and end once and for all this discussion ….. 4 seconds was adopted to stop anyone from gaming the stage BUT it is a real punitive penalty for someone who can not move at all.... It is a shame in a shooting sport where a mobility handicaped shooter can fairly and evenly compete...…. till we get to this stage.... then we punish them because we are worried that someone will game the system.
  13. Well it looks like they pretty well screwed the elderly and handicaped…. 4 sec penalty for OL made it into the rule book foe 2019 so much for progressive thinking
  14. FYI Actually on page 68 0f the May 2018 printed rules copy for Steel Challenge..... the appendix for rimfire rifle and pistol notes that comps are allowed in iron and optic classes and in the case of rifle I highly recommend them or a side port muzzle brake model such as Allchin... especially if you shoot a standard velocity ammo... BTW the longer the barrel the greater the need for them to deflect some sound back to the timer one of the stages where times are missed the most is Speed Option for right handed shooters and 5 to go for lefties
  15. Well first impression of the loader is very good.... I still can load faster with just my hands but I don't have the problems she has.... Right now I am giving it 5 stars... If anything changes after some use I will chime back in. I made a video but it is too large.... anybody know how to make it 1.95 MB in size?
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