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  1. Steel challenge shooter here so my PCC is built different than the standard USPSA PCC.... since I have no power factor requirements my loads are quite different... I am using a Taccom super feed ULW barrel rifle is a touch over 5lbs in the optic configuration, ... my load is currently 2.4 grn of Bullseye, WSPP, range pick up brass, and Berrys 100 grain plated heads, OAL is 1.080... buffer is the Taccom 3 stage with the Short stroke set up and no weight in the ESSB.also removed the two aluminum spacers. My question for you reloaders out there is what effect should I see when I play with OAL... say 1.060 compared to 1.10 assuming the round in the longer configuration plunk test ok
  2. My wife's LH charging Purple Demon…..
  3. I have even seen the same gun used.... SS and LTD and shot back to back at a local.... and yes usually the 2nd gun was faster.... but they are just kidding themselves if it gives them personal best peak times that they can not replicate at larger matches with no back to back.
  4. I will add my RFRO gun for the 2020 Steel Challenge season along with some thoughts.... I had this one down to around 3lb 3 oz or so but did not want to give up my C more over a vortex or my Kidd single stage over a tier 1 Brimstone so that put 5 oz back on this current rifle... added some heavier foam grips and it is 3lb 8.9oz... My gun last year was around 3lb 11 or 12 oz... all of the weight savings on this years model is from the Wiland barrel that is around 3 oz lighter than the TacSol SBX.... That 3 oz is all off the front and feels more like a pound. I have come to the conclusion that weight off the center and rear of the gun is of far less importance than the swinging front. the savings from milled receivers, titanium bolts, and other parts in the middle and rear of the gun are not worth the xtra cost other than bragging rights IMHO
  5. As nso123 said Kurt Grimes... they are a bit pricy but you get what you pay for and they are very very nice... TK has some out of plastic that are very functional but of course no Bling..... but price is much better. I have seen a few others types out there also of plastic
  6. I also most hardily recommend Brian at Hunters Gold... He knows his stuff . His glasses were a instant improvement... the yellow gold lens adds the right amount of contrast even in bright sun He is a shooter and a big supporter of shooting sports especially steel challenge... I am 73 and the progressive glasses he made me were prefect for red dots and rifle irons the lenses have the Rx all the way across which is vital in speed shooting You will not regret his service
  7. No problem and Greg a renewed post every now and then is a very good thing...………..( sometimes I think the word search must mean something else by those writing code LOL) because we are always getting new members who can benefit from it also here is some more info on the 10 hole model...
  8. A Fast beep ( less than the one second ) is considered a type of RO interference ….
  9. Well IMHO we as RO's are there to serve the shooters to provide a fair and safe stage not to try and trick them or mess up their chance at a good stage. I at one time tried to change it up between shooters but found it to be more work than I wanted especially on a multi day match so I pretty much have settled on the same cadence. usually a ( 21/2 to 3 sec ) If a shooter askes for a fast ( 1 sec ) or a slower cadence I will try to do so to accommodate their wishes. If they want to try and time the cadence so be it... just don't jump it... We often compare SC to drag racing with guns... For those that do not know the timing lights at drag races are constant at all events and cutting the light is a big part of a good run.
  10. Been doing this for year or two.... my original inspiration came from these but do not know who to credit though it was a post on these forums ... they drilled for all 10 rds to be indicated but as a SCSA shooter I only cared if it was fully loaded hence like you one hole... also the gold marks are reference points I use when cleaning and re -tensioning mags and I agree shame Ruger can not add it when manufactured.
  11. For the time you must look at factory ammo you might look at Atlanta Arms Steel Challenge loads... light shooting with a 100 grain head if I recall
  12. Primary arms also had them for $139 and I must have gotten one of the last as they too are out of stock... link for checking if they are back yet... https://www.primaryarms.com/CMC-AR-9-Drop-In-Single-Stage-3.5lb-Flat-Trigger-9mm-Mil-Spec-.154in
  13. a lot of GM's that used a almost or completely stock 15/22 to make GM... That said some have hit a wall and have changed to some of the super lite 10/22 versions out there looking for those 1/10's it often boils down to how much you are willing to spend to go light ….. a old NASCAR saying light, strong, cheep.... pick two
  14. Plain and simple paraffin wax bullets do not like cold weather even with clean mags the sometimes xtra wax on the bullet will cause problems, combine this with a occasional slightly weaker round that does not cycle as strong and you have a failure.... I have gone to the CCI clean and they appear to work better in the cold ( what little we get in N Florida ) a better solution seams to be a higher vol round for use in the winter usually mini mags that have been de waxed or the clean version mini mag
  15. Sure you can use a rimfire revolver BUT you would fire from low ready as with all rimfire and you would be in RFPO or RFPI depending on the sights ( not revolver ) so it would be pretty hard to be completive against the automatics and their triggers. Still if for fun only then go for it. There is a guy that shoots several majors and uses lever action carbines and single action revolvers... old Cowboy shooter so its his gimmick
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