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  1. For the time you must look at factory ammo you might look at Atlanta Arms Steel Challenge loads... light shooting with a 100 grain head if I recall
  2. Primary arms also had them for $139 and I must have gotten one of the last as they too are out of stock... link for checking if they are back yet... https://www.primaryarms.com/CMC-AR-9-Drop-In-Single-Stage-3.5lb-Flat-Trigger-9mm-Mil-Spec-.154in
  3. a lot of GM's that used a almost or completely stock 15/22 to make GM... That said some have hit a wall and have changed to some of the super lite 10/22 versions out there looking for those 1/10's it often boils down to how much you are willing to spend to go light ….. a old NASCAR saying light, strong, cheep.... pick two
  4. Plain and simple paraffin wax bullets do not like cold weather even with clean mags the sometimes xtra wax on the bullet will cause problems, combine this with a occasional slightly weaker round that does not cycle as strong and you have a failure.... I have gone to the CCI clean and they appear to work better in the cold ( what little we get in N Florida ) a better solution seams to be a higher vol round for use in the winter usually mini mags that have been de waxed or the clean version mini mag
  5. Sure you can use a rimfire revolver BUT you would fire from low ready as with all rimfire and you would be in RFPO or RFPI depending on the sights ( not revolver ) so it would be pretty hard to be completive against the automatics and their triggers. Still if for fun only then go for it. There is a guy that shoots several majors and uses lever action carbines and single action revolvers... old Cowboy shooter so its his gimmick
  6. Thanks to everyone who replied... Darqusoull13 you hit the nail on the head "that" is indeed what I saw and yes it was on a lady shooters PCC
  7. Was not able to get a real close look... I do not believe it is the one in the link as it folded up when not being used.... unfolded it gave a very big charging handle to grip. Thanks for the link BTW... I do not do PCC but a female friend is going that route and has some trouble with the traditional AR t handle and her strength limits
  8. At the Florida State steel challenge I saw a PCC with a folding left side charging handle in addition to the normal AR type of twin tab charging handle. So I assume ( and we all know how that goes...) that this is some kind of add on... If so where and how... asking for a friend.... no really I am
  9. Mine is a work in progress right now.... playing with different things to go lighter than my 2019 gun which is around 3lb 11 oz ..... this one is currently 3lb 5 oz...
  10. Is it legal to change a PCC pistol to a rifle by adding a fixed stock and a longer barrel?
  11. I agree this one has grey area, and requires a RO ( and MD ) to use some judgement on weather it is a DQ ... finger on Triger while moving … (usually can not have a AD with the finger off trigger ) or a foot fault …. Points I would consider in making the call.... where was he/she... Just coming out of box to first foot touching and gun up, but not aiming... reaction of shooter when gun went off.. would probably get a STOP and a DQ... 2nd foot ( usually the left ) touching but right foot not in the 2nd box yet... gun being aimed... would probably be considered a foot fault... I think the rules have to have some grey area for this one.... I can see a shooter that has not done OL before ( their club does not have the bay space and only does 6 stages as example ) shooting the first two …. swings the gun to a third plate and shoots as he starts to move... to me this would not be a AD but a foot fault and probably a bit of ribbing from the squad mates and boy oh boy does the creeping /false start thing need some work... Webster defines creeping as developing or advancing by slow imperceptible degrees ... for starters...
  12. And if you typically push off with the left foot.... step with the right and then left foot and finally right foot into the box you can begin to engage the trigger when the left foot touches and you are stepping into the box with the right foot...( being the last one step ) breaking the shot as the right foot is down and the LEFT FOOT COMES OFF THE GROUND. but be careful because if you break a shot and that left is still on the ground outside the box it is a 3 sec procedural Some shooters have such long legs and are strong enough that they are able to do it in one step... push off... step with the right and then the left actually goes in the box and they can shoot when the right comes off the ground.... but for most it puts you at a bad angle and is jerky which becomes slower than doing it in two smooth steps... OL is the most hated/Loved stage in a match and has been the cause of many horses being beat to death as its been discussed.LOL
  13. Good Job! Best of luck on the shoulder... and the new goal.... Wife had knee surgery Friday so I am on honey do duty
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