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  1. Well I got the first two out the door this week... have not been able to shoot it yet ( 6 stage match Monday ) I will say it is the most adjustable chassis I have ever seen and combined with his Light barrel it is light in the right places... He actually has a 1 lb weight kit to add weight in the buffer tube area for those that think it is too light Here is a photo of my wife's rifle thrown together but not adjusted yet
  2. CF has not been the "main match" for quite some time now.... Unless you are using SC as a transition training for USPSA matches then it just makes sense to shoot RF.... now there are some that just enjoy shooting a particular gun , 1911, old ported open gun ( thanks Vince my brain is still rattling from that thing ) and of course them wheel gunners are a special kind of person.
  3. Yep still think it is the best Steel Challenge barrel on the market. I give it 6 stars on a 5 star rating.
  4. I will start with the last.... we are "accommodating the different "age groups" so in reality they can be "competitive" with there own age peers trying to compare SC to the NFL or NBA is about as far off a comparison as I can think of The reality is we have a shooting sport that is perfect for youth and even the disabled except for one stage which was tolerable until the powers to be decided that to many b,c,and d class shooters "might" be able to game the system and changed a reasonable penalty of 3 to a punitive 4 seconds ( the additional 3 seconds is usually 3 to 5 p
  5. So I guess your solution is to just put old and handicapped shooters out to pasture... I shoot steel because I can "still" be competitive even at 73.... "WITH IN MY SUPER SR CLASS" I am blessed than I can move well enough to actually often gain time on OL and make up for some stages that I have a off day on but my day will come too where it is just not possible to move well or even safely … we have USPSA, IDPA, 2 gun. 3 gun, action steel and others I guess that I do not even know of that have movement as the basis for every stage other than standards and qualifiers..... SO is it r
  6. All are correct 7.2 a foot fault.... does not matter if he shot the correct targets and hit them or not... a shot fired with the foot on the ground outside the box is a procedural This came up in a small local match and the question was did hitting the plates change anything... nope
  7. The scenario is this... shooter hits first two targets from inside the first box, after hitting the second plate he/she steps 1 foot out and down on the ground with his/her other foot still in the box and simultaneously fires another shot at the 2nd plate while starting his/her movement to the center box ( a unneeded make up shot if you will ) …. What is the call?
  8. Don't know I shoot my PCC rarely and only in Steel challenge... with testing and a match this past month only 600 or so rounds but showing no wear so far.... even if it does need changing it is so simple to do
  9. Yes at the moment I am running the weight and the spring is the stock one in the taccom 3 stage buffer system..... I played with the weight out and a little lighter load but could not get the consistency I wanted so I went back to a 2,8/2.9 of Bulleseye with the weight.... Still playing a bit might try a longer OAL before I lock everything in
  10. I use saran wrap or one of the cling type wraps and put a layer around the outside of the spring
  11. This was "well discussed" last year... and the best solution that I heard was similar to yours except it was change to 5 strings instead of 4 , no movement on the clock, one string from each of the 3 box's with last two strings shooters choice like showdown and sequence was up to the shooter... getting a fair and just penalty for no movement that works for all divisions is the big problem with apparently no good solution
  12. Well there will always be the ones trying to game the game.... but they are only fooling themselves The problem they found with the MD making the call is proving a disability …. some are obvious wheel chair etc... several years ago at the Fla State match I severely pulled a groin muscle practicing OL the day before the match.... I was in so much pain I could hardly walk... rented a golf cart to get around.... forget about even trying to move between boxes... so I asked for and got the 3 second penalty and I was fine with that... there was a shooter that used crutches to get ar
  13. Yep it is those that really can not move from box to box that I feel sorry for in the sense the 4 second penalty is just so unfair... cane, crutch, even wheel chair use are just so unfairly penalized under the current rule . It is a no win stage with all of the complexities affecting what is a just and fair penalty..... I don't know about you but I am about ready for a Distinguished Super Senior class LOL
  14. wrap the spring with cling wrap ( like you use on food ) helped on mine... got rid of the twang for the most part
  15. ZZT the only problem with taking the penalty to game the system is you will never be able to improve and be above a B shooter.... Your example with the 3 second puts you right where you are with a 15.75 to you PB of 15.56 and that's assuming a 2.25 average on at least three strings from center which I think most shooters would have a hard time duplicating.... My wife is a B RFRO shooter at age 70 ( she will kill me for that one ) with very bad knees, 4 knee surgeries so far and she walks from box to box pretty gingerly because she in constant fear of tweaking a knee and going down... eve
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