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  1. Yeah. That probably would have made more sense. Thanks
  2. I am right handed. My moving my grip around I meant turning my hand to where it gave me more finger on the trigger. I wasn't trying to get more or less finger on the trigger just adjusting the way the gun was in my hands.
  3. Thanks guys. I watched all the H Kim videos on grip and have been working on locking the wrist which has helped a lot. I spent about 600 rounds over the last week trying to get the sights to move straight up and down. Won't waste much more time on that.
  4. When I shoot the sights move up and to the right. If I change my grip a little and move my right hand further to the right the sights go more up and down. However the gun doesn't feel as solid with that grip and I can't shoot as accurately. I'm sure I'm not the only one suffering from recoil going up and to the right. Is there a common fix of just keep messing with my grip?
  5. I've been searching a lot and can't find much info on rifle (ar15 5.56) reloads. What are the par times for the top guys? Also are most or all people running their bullets facing the rear on their belt mags? I'm getting 1.8-2.00 reloads pretty consistently using the bolt catch. Not sure if I should be chasing 1 second reloads like I am with a handgun. Also if anyone can post videos of 6 reload 6 or any other videos of top shooters doing drill, I would appreciate it.
  6. Thanks dude. That’s what I was looking for.
  7. Trying to shave off time on my reloads. This is 1.3. Where can I shave time off?
  8. I would shoot 5-10 rounds at a time and then go back and look at the splits.
  9. I went back out this morning with my 34 and 35. I started off with 1 second splits and was able to keep them in pretty easily. I then shot my 35. I was shooting winchester white box and some duty rounds. The recoil was significantly more. I shot 60 rounds all between 1 - 1.5 splits. All were in the a zone and 95 percent were in the top of the A zone exactly where I was aiming. I then went back to the 34 and was able to slowly speed up to .5 splits and keep 90% of my shots in the A zone. I loaded another 60 40 cal rounds and did the same thing but got to .8 splits. With about the same results as the first time. Going back to shooting the 9mm after the 40 makes it so much easier to shoot. I felt like I made progress today.
  10. I appreciate the advice. I understand sight picture pretty well. I have experimented with shooting as soon as the sights fall back into place and letting them settle to being still. Either way, the sight picture says A zone. It didn't make much difference. The sights fall back in place pretty consistently. So should I practice more with .8-1 splits and try to slowly speed up?
  11. I've been working on shooting faster at the 25. I can shoot mid to high 90's on B-8's without much problem. Shot an 87 in 12 seconds and 95 in 15 seconds. I shot about 1200 rounds in 3 days last week at the 25 yard line. I started off doing Ben's drill where you shoot 2 rounds multiple times. Splits were between .25-.35. Slowed down to .5 a few times. Anyway, I worked on that and then went to bill drills. Draw and shoot 6 rounds. Typically .3's splits. Didn't really worry about draw speed. So I started gripping a lot harder with my strong hand. I was already gripping hard with my support hand and not very tight with my strong hand. That helped get my sights back in place faster and seemed like I didn't have to force the gun back down. Gripping with my strong side pinkie and ring finger helped with that. I was still throwing 1-4 rounds low and left usually. I ran it clean a handful of times but most of the time there were 2 or 3 low. I got to the point where I didn't draw and just gripped the s#!t out of the gun and It really wasn't fixing it. I stopped a few times and shot slow or 1 second splits and can make my hits, but once I step up the speed it back to dumping low left. I also ran the enos drill shooting 1 round to 3 targets 3 times. I shot that pretty clean with .3-.5 splits. For some reason when I have to shoot multiple shots I start dumping them. I understand there is timing with pushing the gun back in position, but I've never heard it explained on how to fix the timing. What exactly do I need to be working on? Probably not that simple. Considering trying to find someone to give me a private lesson on this. If I can find someone not too far away.
  12. I keep hitting the edge of the mag well when doing reloads. Are there any cues or tips to think about to work on this?
  13. I've got the Enos' book, Anderson's dry fire book and 3 Stoeger books. I recommend the Stoeger fundamentals book to any shooter I talk to. The Enos book is interesting but its not for beginners at all. Anderson's dry fire book is good because it allows you to record your work although Stoeger's new dry fire book has that too.
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