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  1. I am just glad you helped. For the record. ?
  2. Thanks euxx and everyone else. I found the template when I created a new match. I will re-watch some of the Youtube videos to help me understand how it all works together. You all have been very helpful. Thanks again.
  3. I loaded a copy of PractiScore to my I Phone and my Desk top PC and trying to understand how to use it. It is all simple when you know how. But I an just starting. I tried to find the NRA Action match template in PractiScore as mentioned above but could not find it. Is it listed under another name or is it a template that need to be downloaded. Thanks to all for your advice.
  4. We have a small group that shoot weekly indoors. Simple divisions of Center Fire, Rim Fire, Rifle (iron sights) shooting at 5 targets at various distances. You give yourself a handy cap that is added to your score. High score in each division wins. Cash is paid out to top 3 places. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I am looking excel spread sheet or data base to help with scoring, entrants, results and historical data. I can modify something to meet our needs, I just need a good base to start with. PratiScore is overkill and not much chance I could adjust it to meed our needs. If in your adventures when first starting out you used something, or know of something simple we could use please let me know. Thanks
  5. Sounds like Marketing BS. Did anything change besides the names?
  6. Is anyone offering free shipping on Mothers Day. Mom needs her bullets, you know.
  7. Thanks for the information. I am new to shooting and reloading as well so I am doing a lot of watching and learning. I am taking baby steps and asking questions. I have yet to get a chrono, but it is on my equipment list needed. When I get some good data I will be sure to let you know. thanks again.
  8. Done anyone have knowledge on how well the Zero 125 Gr JHP (R162) bullets expand when fired into gel, phone book, sand, ect. They look a lot like the Hodgdon XTP and wonder if the bullet expands anything like the XTP.
  9. Hi all, Just getting started in shooting and reloading. It appears to be yet another slippery slope that I have fallen down, like auto racing, wood working and wood turning. Please bear with me as I go through the learning process and ask questions. I am setting up shop with two 9 mm pistols, a RCBS rock chucker and a Classic Lee Turrent press. There is a lot to learn to be safe and looking forward to learning to do so.
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