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  1. A short observation on presses. If you research the various brands of presses you'll notice that for some presses the majority of the use group posts are "how to get the press to operate" or to overcome a particular design problem with the press. Others mfg related posts are of the nature of "it would be nice if" types of tweaks. For example, I've noticed that progressive presses which try to do everything with little to no case feed optimization have feeding problems, while those which have engineered parts which are changed for various calibers and optimize the handling process work much better. That's not to say your idea for a Universal she'll plate won't work, it's that sometimes these things are a trade off. I sold a press because there were too many things which "sorta worked"; despite my extensive engineering background, I didn't want to fix other people's designs. So I recommend you consider having your press tested by both novice and experienced reloaders and listen to their assessments, before calling the design final. I hope your endeavour is successful and I see your product for sale.
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