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  1. I just did my first cleaning of my MBX PCC rifle. There was a lot of bolt grease on the bolt and inside the upper. What are you-all using or do you even recommend the use of a synthetic type grease? Thanks, Don
  2. As a newbie just entering in to USPSA, I'm good with that, and expect it. As a former executive board member of my club, I demand what you have stated Nik. Clubs located in urban areas are 1 ND incident away from being shut down here in WA.
  3. Well, thank you for the input guys. based upon what you-all have said, I will won't let my preconceived ideas hold me back any longer. VR, Don
  4. 9x45, a picture is worth a 1,000 words. I uploaded two pics of my card. I used the term IPSC in error. Blame it on me being a Newb, should have said USPSA. It is interesting that Sarge pulled a quote from someone Gary Wall worked with, He is the prime guy at Marysville Rifle Club (WA) who is helping me. Our club is sufferring from encroachment of housing built up right next to our fence, As a former e-board member of that club, keeping all rounds on range is a heavily emphasized. VR, Don
  5. This is what I got upon completing the "intro class".
  6. I'm a brand new member to USPSA and as you-all can see this is my 1st post on this forum. I've skimmed over some of the posts on pg #1. This is my biggest concern. I do have a USPSA Safety check card that was issued to me in the summer of 2009 after completing a ISPC 101 class hosted by the USPSA guys at my club. I will be honest, the main reason I took the class with my then 19 yr old son was because he had enlisted in the ARMY and I wanted to become skilled in the use of a Beretta 92F. My son made it home safe and sound after a tour in Afghanistan. Like it or not - that's what I did. Anyways, after that class I did not shoot any other matches. Now I'm returning to the sport and I have been working with a close friend to get in some range time before I just show up at a USPSA match with my brand new semi-shinny Glock 35, a bunch of mag pouches on my new velcro double belt, and a 7 1/2 yr old safety check card and say, "hi guys! remember me?" Know what I mean? For people on my side of the fence - outside looking in - there is a measure of uneasiness and cautiousness in even showing up at a USPSA match. What is leading me back to USPSA? My friend who is willing to mentor and encourage me. I have been going over all of the newbie intro info on this website and the NW Section website, taking the online exams and carefully studying the questions I get wrong. There has been more than one change to the rules since I "qualified". I'm trying not to drive my buddy bat shit crazy asking questions. I've read and re-read my new rule book plus I've done a lot of online studying. My point being, you-all are ambassadors to this sport be it good or bad. And like my other hobby (ham radio) the best growth is thru one on one mentor-ship. VR, Don
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