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  1. As an open-gun user, or user of handgun compensator, what is, or would be, your preferred layout of ports? Do you like having the top and side ports all on one plane, or do you like having the vertical and horizontal ports having their own 'section'? Bigger or smaller ports? Thanks a million!
  2. Lot variation of powder, or temp even though it's noted as being opposite above, maybe Chrono differences too. Could be your powder implementation throwing off charges, I'd start there making sure you're getting 5.7 grsins every time. Of course, you should test some longer (10-20) strings of shots to see what your ED and SD are overall.
  3. Ive had positive experiences with L&M and Primary Machine in the past, but there are quite a few people who do RMR cuts.
  4. Any dot'd gun forces you to 'point down.' I'd recommend a CZ or Tanfoglio.
  5. Your fud FFL probably heard, "CZ," and shut their brain off there. Slide stop breakages is an easily fixed, scheduled-maintenance, problem in CZ's, but we're talking about the big-boy Czechmate. I'd say do it, even if you have a timing issue (not very likely) and shear your bottom (barrel) lugs, a barrel can be fit pretty easily for the whopping cost of $150. I was excited that Czechmates are back in the US, but they've raised the price...
  6. Depends. If you're handy with some tools and don't afraid of anything, you can get a stock SP01, and follow Atlas's trigger job guide. There's still the issues if you don't want to do that work, buy the new higher-quality parts that get you close to Shadow money, I'd really recommend just going with the Shadow and jamming with an awesome gun out of the box.
  7. I've never heard of someone switching to a harder slide stop or the pin, and having increased wear on their barrel, frame, or anything else.
  8. Animal fats, oils, and advacados too. Dinner is a some kind of fatty meat, maybe fried with a pork rind or almond flour batter. Light salad with homemade vinigrette. Maybe tacos with shells made out of cheese. There's a whole lot of free recipes on the web.
  9. Ye, carbs in your body leads to more retention of water. It's vital to not only drink a gallon of water, but to up your salt intake a whole lot. The 'FDA' levels of sodium are too low on a low/zero carb diet.
  10. +1 for the keto diet. Dropped 16 pounds in the past two weeks. Quick run down on the diet is 70% of diet from calories from fat, 25% protein, then 5% in the form of carbs from veggies; your body runs on ketone (fat) instead of glucose. After a few weeks-months your body oxidizes fat 2x faster. Other interesting tidbit is a doctor out of Duke University completely cured type 2 diabetes in dozens of patients overy the course of a few years. The Standard American Diet and it's 11 servings of grains is why we have so much obesity, diabetes, and cancer!
  11. Coconut water is a good one, however, I'm on a Ketogenic diet so chicken bRoth out of the container is best.
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