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  1. Animal fats, oils, and advacados too. Dinner is a some kind of fatty meat, maybe fried with a pork rind or almond flour batter. Light salad with homemade vinigrette. Maybe tacos with shells made out of cheese. There's a whole lot of free recipes on the web.
  2. Ye, carbs in your body leads to more retention of water. It's vital to not only drink a gallon of water, but to up your salt intake a whole lot. The 'FDA' levels of sodium are too low on a low/zero carb diet.
  3. +1 for the keto diet. Dropped 16 pounds in the past two weeks. Quick run down on the diet is 70% of diet from calories from fat, 25% protein, then 5% in the form of carbs from veggies; your body runs on ketone (fat) instead of glucose. After a few weeks-months your body oxidizes fat 2x faster. Other interesting tidbit is a doctor out of Duke University completely cured type 2 diabetes in dozens of patients overy the course of a few years. The Standard American Diet and it's 11 servings of grains is why we have so much obesity, diabetes, and cancer!
  4. Coconut water is a good one, however, I'm on a Ketogenic diet so chicken bRoth out of the container is best.
  5. Dang, got me beat! I wasn't told by my father to close one eye learning to shoot, and when I was on the Internet later one, it seemed that one eye open went with the weaver and teacup catagory.
  6. Polarized cheap wayfarers to oakley m-frames, no problems here.
  7. You and me both, kid. I carry a P-01 frame with a SP-01 slide milled out for a DPP. My only problem is the comp. I disn't exactly know if a M&P comp would match the contour of the CZ without a lot of work (dremeling). So I'm going to get an extended SP-01 barrel, cut it down and thread for m14x.075, put a tanfoglio small frame comp on it, and mill the comp for side ports. Glocks are really wide, and frankly, I'm not sure anything but a G43 comp would work without taking it to the mill so it'll fit inside the frame when it cycles for yah.
  8. Non-ported holes will always be easier to get more velocity out of. If you don't mind a bit of smoke, I've been able to run coated lead bullets at major with just a bit of smoke.
  9. I'm currently tinkering with a 35 yard zero, but I need to just do a 15-75 yard zero experiment.
  10. I never liked the 'trigger finger' method, as it always made my 2nd finger joint hurt after doing it, so I use my middle finger. Whether static or dynamic, I've never spaghetti'd the gun into the deck by 'flipping' the gun up, using the web of my thumb and pointer finger as the contact spot for rotation, before dropping the mag with my dominant middle finger, 'flipping' the gun into a good grip, and getting another mag in. This method may be too slow, however, as with frequent practice, it seem's like my mag arm slows a bit to make up with the extra-time taken to eject the mag.
  11. Got a spare SP-01 slide, so I know what I'm doing!!!
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