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  1. I have 4-lbs of SR4756 sitting in my basement and would like to try it for my GMR-15. Does anybody have The data of this powder specifically for 124 grains.
  2. What kind of barrel and comp do uou have?
  3. When Dan built my open gun, he recommended 3n37 & 3n38. I ended up sticking with 3n37 and never looked for any other powder. 3n37 is perfect for my bedell blaster
  4. Im sorry Eric. I sold my match master on the summer of 2013. I have to go build a full size open gun. Shorty is not my kind of open gun As I said in my previous post, I had to add 1-hole right behind the second side port - both sides. Right at the middle of the comp. They are about 13/64 diameter. As for the 9mm brass with powder. You will have a compressed load with vv n350. However, for hs-6 and Wac, you will have plenty of room. My load for my 2-9 major open gun are shorter - 1.150 and I dont have a problem with n350, hs-6 and WAC Cheers Can you post pictures of the added holes to the T2 Comp? Also, could you snap some photos of the cases after the powder has been added, I would like to see how full your cases are. I will add a picture of my case filled with 7.4 grs of H LongShot that I use for my Steel Master
  5. How heavy/light is you recoil spring? There are a few factors to consider; ejector, recoil spring or your magazine just my 2-cents.
  6. THANK YOU very much to WCRHC match organizers. You guys did an excellent job putting up this match. In behalf ot the Ontario Pinoy Shooters and the rest of the 43 Canadians who enjoyed this excellent match, we salute you guys for the WELL RUN & ORGANIZED Match. Again, THANK YOU. THANK YOU to all the match sponsors BTW Roy, let us know when is the next fund racer match so We can save brass and bullets fir that day.
  7. Oh that guy named Roy? We know he is up to something to torment all of us with all of his wicked last minute changes. THANK YOU all for all the hard work. See you tomorrow at the range
  8. Why dont I trust all these talk about this stage? Me thinks Sarge and Mads are palying mind games with us LOL
  9. Oh boy!!! Sarge, does it mean that the mover will be swinging while moving???
  10. THANK YOU Very much for the staff and organizer of IPSC66. It is always worth the long drive going to this match. See you in May
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