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  1. That is almost always a bad combination of too thin of a follower along with a plus base pad and the rib on the magazine not coming to the bottom of the tube far enough
  2. This with the phone app works for me. In difficult outdoor lighting I take a large sharpie and paint the bullets black and seems to help.
  3. Mine dug in until I put the thigh pad option on. Be sure to get the thigh pad option and use it.
  4. I use the Federal Small Rifle 205 for 9mm major. The small pistol has a softer cup. Only way to know for sure is to load 10 or 20 up and go shoot them and inspect the primer hit. If the primer hit is pushed back out and smearing then not a good sign.
  5. Use the manage squadding tab. click on one of the reserved box's and start typing the name in. It will give you a drop down to select the name and click on it. If you already have them in that squad you will have to take them out of the squad to put them back in. Once you get your RO's in then you have to remove the reserved slots, if you want everyone to see the squadding. Otherwise you are the only one who will see the name in the reserved slots.
  6. You can add them under manage squading and you see the changes but no one else will until you edit the Schedules/Squad reserved #. Under the Manage Tab there is a Edit Schedules/Squad Bottom right on that page has a "show squads" click Then hit the pencil on the right to edit the reserved spots and save with the disc icon when your done. You have to pencil in to each squad to edit.
  7. I'd start with the VV N320 load Data for 38 Super OAL 1.240 115 HP-XTP Starting 5.1 gr. 1188FPS Max 5.5 gr. 1253FPS https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/handgun-reloading/?cartridge=42
  8. "Finally, it is considered that the inclusions of MnS axially aligned with the barrel along with the stress level, facilitated the nucleation and propagation of cracks consistent with the observed longitudinal frac- ture." Pretty much what I was thinking.
  9. Are you talking about Laz or Beven or both of them? lol I always get them from Shooters Connection
  10. Shooters Connection keeps replacement pin kits as well. There is a chart with some different length's depending on the base pad. They are $2.99 if you want to go that route. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Taran-Tactical-Basepad-Replacement-Pin-Kit-P4657.aspx
  11. The aftec is pretty sensitive to the extractor tunnel being the right diameter as well. Best to use gauge pins and a reamer and make sure it's minimum .207 to around .210. Some slides are too small and need reamed out. Not sure what you would do if it's too big. I think there is a dimension from the firing pin hole to the inside of the extractor tunnel that has to be right when the slide is made also.
  12. What barrel twist does KKM use with the hybrid 9mm?
  13. Where are the rounds that do eject landing? Are they barely coming out and almost landing at your feet? Is there anything consistent with the pattern? What type scope and mount?
  14. Get a spare and have it ready to put on. They always seem to give trouble when you really need it. That goes for all brand of dots.
  15. Unless something has changed Schuemann barrels are not available anyway. Maybe somebody has one they bought and not using or a few weird barrels left in someone's stock. You would probably be better with a threaded barrel and comp set up anyway. Either hybrid, bull or cone. I would try to shoot some of the different types and see what you might like.
  16. If it's a smaller area you might try running a humidifier and see what happens.
  17. Sounds like you might be in real dry air and a static electricity problem. Check your humidity. Static electricity probably not a good thing in the reloading room. I've never had that problem with Silhouette but I also reload in the basement with some humidity in the air.
  18. Schuemann made some barrels that are just not available from anyone else. (Threaded blank hybrid types in different barrel and hybrid lengths for open guns mostly or AET.) Trying to find an exact replacement for an existing gun is not going to happen. Sounds like machine and personal problems have him shut down right now. Hopefully he can get things going again. I'm on the SV 6 week barrel wait for a new build right now.
  19. An Open only option would be nice. For those of us set in our ways.
  20. Go to the Schedules/Squadding Tab on your upcoming match. Then Edit Schedules/Squads Tab Then bottom right hand corner there is a "show squads" to click on. That should open up your squads and open spots and "reserved spots" Click on the little pencil icon on the right and change spots accordingly. When done changing click on the floppy disk icon to save. You have to open and save each squad individually.
  21. The GT/Ashton works the best. We have an early one that sits in the shed most of time now. If your shooters know how to shoot one already, I'd put my money on more poppers or swingers or max traps. The star is a pain in the butt to set-up, and it's novelty wears off pretty quick for most shooters.
  22. Just get that Open #1, #2, #3 Line up going and dump all that limited stuff. Then you can make use of that eagle vision. Rick needs to stay busy anyway. :~)
  23. What explanation do I give competitors when they ask why the WSB is not being followed? Should I tell them it's a known error in the WSB? Stage Description: Set timer to five seconds for all strings. (This is probably correct) RO Notes: If turning targets are not used, set timer to 5.31 seconds per (This is wrong if Stage Description says to set timer to five seconds) RO Notes: Shoud say something like: If turning targets are not used, overtime penalty shots should start at 5.31 seconds per You might avoid this classifier until it's corrected or talk to Sedro and confirm, then make a note on the WSB that it was corrected per so and so at USPSA office on 6-8-10
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