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  1. What barrel twist does KKM use with the hybrid 9mm?
  2. Where are the rounds that do eject landing? Are they barely coming out and almost landing at your feet? Is there anything consistent with the pattern? What type scope and mount?
  3. Get a spare and have it ready to put on. They always seem to give trouble when you really need it. That goes for all brand of dots.
  4. Unless something has changed Schuemann barrels are not available anyway. Maybe somebody has one they bought and not using or a few weird barrels left in someone's stock. You would probably be better with a threaded barrel and comp set up anyway. Either hybrid, bull or cone. I would try to shoot some of the different types and see what you might like.
  5. If it's a smaller area you might try running a humidifier and see what happens.
  6. Sounds like you might be in real dry air and a static electricity problem. Check your humidity. Static electricity probably not a good thing in the reloading room. I've never had that problem with Silhouette but I also reload in the basement with some humidity in the air.
  7. Last I heard Schuemann is still not making any barrels. Out of business. KKM for a bull barrel or SVI for a bull barrel or blank hybrid. SVI is the closest to a Schuemann but they won't sell the AET and only the 5.4/5.5 inch version. You can get a blank hybrid/island barrel from them. They do use a 1-24 twist which should work very well. Takes about 90 days to get one from SVI so plan ahead. 3 or 4 ports seem to be shooter choice. Some like 8 or 10.
  8. Make sure you have some screws holding the scope mount directly and not just screws going thru the thumb rest and trying to sandwich everything together.
  9. For minor PF buy a few different type's of the cheap local ammunition close to you. Will probably be 115 or 124 FMJ and try it. Brass Blazer, white box Winchester, cheap federal would be good choice. Not sure if your gun is a 2011 style or something else. Some 2011's like a longer overall length but most will still feed factory 9mm. If you have a 38 super then you have very limited choices, and might need the Atlanta Arms stuff.
  10. I like the two sided mounts. They are very solid. Double Tap Sports has a new one that works with RTS2 or DPP. IPSC Alex or SV are the other two sided mounts out there. If you run a slide racker with the double sided mounts, it's best to have the detent set-up so you can remove the racker real easy to take the slide off.
  11. Is your frame drilled any certain way right now?
  12. Pretty sure SV is special to SV grips. Everyone else stayed with the STI Plastic grip pattern.
  13. Yes they only make the clark/para type. The gunsmiths would have to chime in. I think the frame cut could be changed from nowlin to clark. Not sure if the barrel can be cut from clark to nowlin. But then you have more steps and money involved.
  14. SV will make you a blank hybrid rib barrel but they don't stock them. They say allow 6 weeks, but I got mine in 5 weeks. The rib goes almost to the locking lug. Not sure if that's a 4 port.
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