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  1. homeinvader

    Geissele hammer for Benelli M2?

    The Geissele hammer is not a performance upgrade, it is a 922r part primarily. I bought one for my M4 and did not notice any difference in trigger pull before and after. If you are not worried about 922r -and you shouldn't be with an M2- then don't even bother. Just have someone do a trigger job on your stock parts.
  2. homeinvader

    M1 failure to feed

    Remove the recoil spring and clean out the recoil spring tube. They get very dirty due to dirty migrating oil and it gums up the operation.
  3. homeinvader

    Limbsaver 10401

    That's the correct model number for the M1S90 Field. Sound like you have a tactical stock. Does it have the sling loop in the side? if so, that ID's it as a tactical stock and the 10401 will not fit. The Field and Tactical stocks have different geometry.
  4. homeinvader

    Benelli loading port mods...

    Anyone have a pic of a widened Benelli loading port from Benny or Beven? Just want to see what this entails. Thanks.
  5. Benny did my M1 bolt and I was really impressed at the difference it made. I now have an M4 and was wondering if it was workable on that platform too. Any thoughts?
  6. homeinvader

    Benelli Practical Vs. Tactical

    The Practical is sort of an odd bird, not very well thought out in its set-up. The mag capacity makes it appropriate for Limited, but the muzzle brake makes it ineligible for Limited. The muzzle brake puts the gun in Open, but the mag capacity makes it way under-fed to really compete in Open. Not sure what it wants to be. Like the other said, a Field is the best shooter of the bunch and comes closer to the 3-gun configuration you want right out of the box. A Tactical is sprung heavier and has too short a barrel.
  7. homeinvader

    Sig 556

    There are reports of some showing up at certain dealers. Might be BS. Might inquire with one of your local SIG dealers about it.
  8. homeinvader

    Lengthen Forcing Cone On Benelli M1s90?

    Beven Grams tried this and didn't notice any difference. Since he didn't say it actually did any damage, I thought I'd try it on my Benelli. I noticed a big difference on my Mossberg pump, but the effect was almost nil on the Benelli. Odd, but true. Recoil was the same, shot patterns were the pretty much the same. For whatever reason, the forcing cone is just not a significant source of felt recoil or pellet deformation on the Benelli. While there is chrome lining in the barrel, it's not really going to flake off if you do it right using plenty of cutting oil and thoroughly polish the new cone. I've put about 500 rounds through after lengthening the cone and there no sign of flaking at all. All in all, I wouldn't recco it as it's just not worth the money and hassle. If you already have a forcing cone reamer, fine, give it a try, but it's certainly not worth spending any sort of money on. A far more noticable mod for me was lightening the bolt carrier. That made a big difference in felt recoil.
  9. homeinvader

    Get The Benelli M4?

    The M4s available here in the states are configured to comply with import restrictions. The fixed magazine tube ends about half way between the forearm and the muzzle instead of at the forearm as found on the M1, M2 and M3. It makes a otherwise simple magazine extension more complicated. For us, a 3-gun type extension has to slip through the barrel lug at the front to reach the threads on the fixed tube, but it also has to have some form of stop to prevent forward movement of the barrel, keep the barrel in the receiver. M1 extensions are more or less simple threaded tubes that can hold some 12-gauge shells inside, but an M4 extension will necessary need more machining than that.
  10. homeinvader

    Franchi Law 12

    Yeah, it's not a very competitive gun. You can use whatever you want, lots of people use their home defense gun just to get proficient on it rather than compete, per se. But the Law-12 cycles very slowly compared to others, there are few if any accessories made or available for it and most importantly, there are no readily available factory spares for it. Something breaks, you will be pulling your hair out trying to track down even the simplest replacement part.
  11. homeinvader

    Get The Benelli M4?

    It's a nice gun, but it hasn't yet taken off for 3-gun. It's a $1500 shotgun out of the box and there haven't been that many takers at that price, so 3rd party accessories are a bit slow in coming out. 18" barrels are all there is and while they will certainly work, you'll outgrow it quickly with no alternative. Mag tubes, as you've already found, are not available and I think there will be some compatibility issues with a long 3-gun type mag tube. The M4 barrel lug is much father forward than on an M1 or M2, almost at the muzzle which will greatly complicate designing a competition-length extension. On the M1, the barrel lug and the fixed mag tube are at the same location. The M4's fixed mag tube ends several inches before the barrel lug. Presents some design complications and will make such an extension fairly expensive if anyone steps up to the palte to do it.
  12. homeinvader

    Arredondo Mag Well Trouble...

    Yeah, that did it. My first instinct was the lower's mag well was being pinched closed, but it was the rear of the arredondo unit just like you guys state. File did the trick. All is well. Thanks a lot.
  13. homeinvader

    Arredondo Mag Well Trouble...

    Just installed this and now magazines will not drop free. I tried loosening the bolts up, but they almost need to be fully backed out before a magazine will free fall out. Any tricks to this or is this behavior just the nature of the beast? Thanks.
  14. homeinvader

    Glock Factory Replacement Frames

  15. homeinvader

    Benelli Loading Gate Modification...

    I just installed and fired the one jeff just sent me. Works perfectly in both an M1 and M2 (the parts are the same).