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  1. I guess after this has been attacked I must explain... I forgot the quotation marks around the first sentence it is what was said to me by the RO when I got DQ and I have heard it by many other ROs and shooters. I apologize to those who were offended by what was said, this was supposed to be a fun post. It was not meant as a literal statement saying everyone will be DQ at some point.
  2. I’m shooting an sti executive in .40 I am going to start using the blue bullets for reloading and was curious as to what weight works best. I have been shooting 180 since they are easy to come by in my area. Does the 200 work a little better? I’m going to load to around 170-175 power factor.
  3. As already addressed the first sentence was a saying not a literal statement. I hear ROs say it almost every match, I simply forgot quotations. As for the second part I agree it was avoidable, as are most. The issue with the trigger was addressed and never had another issue. I try to be as cautious and aware as possible, but the trigger issue is just one of those things that happens. I shot hundreds of rounds in practice without issue but as stayed if it’s going to happen luck will have it it’s going to be at a match rather than at home in practice. I appreciate the advise on reloading practice though. I use a Dillon 650 and check every round I take to a match in a case checker.
  4. New shooter or old it can happen to anyone, the RO was totally in the right.
  5. Absolutely, have not been DQ since then fortunately knock on wood. that was a learning opportunity I will not take for granted
  6. The glock store also has gen 4 guide rods with lighter springs. They have tungsten and stainless
  7. No argument there. It never had an issue in practice but first match is where it’s gonna happen, that’s life you live you learn. I fixed the issue and not had a problem since.
  8. I have to admit I talked trash on CO shooters that I’m friends with... then I shot CO and must say it’s fun as hell shooting with a dot. I no longer talk trash though I have not made the switch.
  9. It’s not s matter of if a shooter will be DQ but when. I got DQ for ND because I had just done some trigger work and had an issue and on tap rack it went off, funny thing is the round hit the target I was engaging but they said unsafe gun as well as ND. They said unsafe gun because my finger was nowhere near the trigger. Oh well such is life.
  10. I try to make a match every weekend so usually three or four a month. I shoot USPSA, steel challenge, and GSSF so usually there isn’t a problem finding s match around me
  11. Sometimes it’s hard and you just have to step back. I took two years off because I was in a really difficult program in college and didn’t have the time to dedicate to it. I am back in full swing now though shooting some form of match almost every weekend.
  12. Cz makes a great gun but shoot what you got and stick with it. I have switched guns to find the right on and finally just went all out and bought an sti. If you get ready to buy a cz let me know I have one I am getting ready to put out for sale since switching to limited with the STI.
  13. We get ours from tech wear. They are good quality and one of the cheaper places we found. They work well to ensure we get exactly what we are looking for
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