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  1. I handled an S2 with the Apex kit installed at Apex's booth they had at a local gun shop's anniversary sale. The SA pull weight was just slightly lower than the DA on my uncalibrated finger, with a very defined wall, nearly 0 creep (almost imperceptible to mine and a friend's eye), and a crisp, clean break. It compared well to my S2 with some CGW parts dropped in, and my friend's S1 with a full CZC trigger job on it. Pull weight may have been higher but with the break so clean and minimal creep I didn't really care what it measured at.
  2. Very cool. I was quoted 6-8 weeks also, just curious. The wait gives me time to polish up the trigger components at least
  3. awesome. what was your wait like? I just dropped mine off a couple weeks ago
  4. Interesting, looks like a fun project. You could probably add a small lcd/oled screen and some buttons to it and make it all self contained.
  5. I *just* got my 1050, so i'd be interested to see what this brings. I already see something on the 1100 that I miss from my 650, the spring loaded priming station retainer. It looks like that should swap over to the 1050 easy enough.
  6. Nice. Got a glockmeister rod for my 34 since they're local, but I think I like the Jager more. I have one in my gen 4 35 and think the fit and finish is just a hair better on the Jager stuff.
  7. yep, my bad, I was thinking carry optics for some reason.
  8. It will be, once the new prod rules go into effect.
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