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  1. 4.6gr at 1.175 is my load. Makes major and shoots soft.
  2. I used Titegroup for a couple years, but recently switched to N320. I wouldn't be opposed to using Titegroup again. Titegroup has lower charge weights and isn't as expensive so ultimately costs less. N320 burns cleaner and cooler, and works much better with coated bullets.
  3. I still love the BBI bullets, but my team picked up Zero as a sponsor this year so I decided to try some. I haven't use them extensively yet, just worked up a load that makes major and is consistent. I will still be shooting through my stock of BBI at club matches and practice with the Zeros being my major match bullet. Our pricing is decent, so I'm not really losing much with the switch.
  4. I use the Dillon dies without much issue. Any rounds that don't case gauge go in my practice bin. It ends up being around 5% and the majority of those still shoot just fine...
  5. I shoot nothing but 200gr bullets. They are softer feeling than 180's. Since I previously shot mostly .45 in SS division, the heavier bullets felt "closer to home" for me. I've probably shot 10,000 BBI 200gr .40's in the last year. I have 2 loads that work well with BBI. I recently switched to Zero bullets but found a load rather quickly with those as well. All of these loads make major in all of my .40 cal pistols. 3.9gr Titegroup under BBI 200 at 1.18 OAL - This load is a little dirty/smoky due to Titegroup being a hot burning double base powder. It melts the Hi-Tek coating a bit.
  6. I think you just made my life easier. I'm in process of switching to Zero bullets and have been searching for data for their 200gr bullets.
  7. Best way to start the new year...with an aggravated assault charge...
  8. The only PT grips I've ever seen with a finish on them came from Atlas. Pretty sure that's a DLC finish and tons of places to PVD/DLC.
  9. Start at 3.5gr for the 200's and 4.2gr for the 180's and work up from there.
  10. More data to go along with this since I finally had a chance to get out to the range and test more loads. None showed pressure signs. I also had the chance to try some 165gr BBI bullets which are what I would use if I went to a light bullet. As far as feel, these 155gr bullets are VERY fast. With the 200gr bullets I've been using I can see the sights lift and come back down. These are so fast they've snapped back nearly instantaneously. The 165gr bullets are nearly as fast. I'm going to load up a bunch using the bolded loads below and run them in practice and at some club matches to s
  11. I'm looking for USPSA major. That's 165. I don't plan on using light bullets regularly. I just had them lying around and figured I could use them and do a little tinkering.
  12. I can always do something like that and I will to make sure the accuracy is acceptable for me, but there are still going to be variations due to grip/trigger control. Obviously I will be able to see major accuracy problems with the load even if I shoot offhand, but the results are still limited to what I am capable of. To objectively test for accuracy you need a ransom rest. That's the only way I feel the data could be of use to someone else.
  13. Yes. I'm going to load some more loaded shorter. My gun runs very well with rounds at 1.195-1.20, though so I like to keep them close to that. And I can't help it if I get picked in random draws and nobody picks up the 155gr bullets until I'm called
  14. Run what you have for now. Either one will work fine for a match. I use SportEAR M-4 Electronic muffs most of the time for shooting pistols. Much more comfortable that the Howard Leights, but they are larger and more $$ . I also have a set of their Ghost Stryke universal fit electronic plugs that work pretty well, but they are $$$
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